when will Kris Holm run out of green handles?

how many of these does he have?

when will he run out of the old Japan made ones?

does he prefer the green ones?


If someone likes those icky green handles, more power to 'em. Personally, I have a KH seat, and my extra Miyata handles (red) stay in the garage when I’m riding these days… :slight_smile:

Re: when will Kris Holm run out of green handles?

I think the question is refering to the fact that the old green handles are
much stronger and don’t tear like the newer ones made in China. I know I’ll
never buy one of the new ones (luckily, like Kris, I have quite a few of the
old ones on tap if I need them for any unicycle).


“johnfoss” <johnfoss.ll7mz@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote in message
> ???
> If someone likes those icky green handles, more power to 'em.
> Personally, I have a KH seat, and my extra Miyata handles (red) stay in
> the garage when I’m riding these days… :slight_smile:

Re: Re: when will Kris Holm run out of green handles?

Well sort of.

The real question is,How many of those things must he have stashed away and even in the new Moab pic’s,he’s still rideing green.Where do they all come from?

i think its weird the dude on top of the MUni game is still riding on them thats all.

my point is comeing from the angle that Kris has got a few frames,a couple of stock uni’s and a new seat all made in his name in the last year.it would seem that somwhere along the line a better handle would have been explored.(that fit on his CF plate)

its just stange that after all those to market items hes still useing the original green,thats all. :slight_smile:

Why doesnt kris use the Velo he helped design? Not exactly a great endorsement of your own product, is it?

My guess is he’s got CF seat bases already drilled for Miyata handles… so that’s what he uses. Besides, the Velo ain’t a top of the range seat - rather a great priced (and much improved) replacement for the standard Miyata.

Also, for the heavy duty trials and DH he does, it’s kinda heavy when compaired to a carbon. and of course, as neil mentioned, he already has, and is used to the miyata handle.

The Velo seat isn’t going to replace the carbon fiber seat base. The carbon fiber seat is stronger and stiffer. The Velo is a good seat and it’s a seat that you can buy and use with no fuss and no hassle. The carbon fiber seats are more expensive and require time and money to build up into a functional seat. With a carbon fiber seat you need to drill holes, add bumpers, add a handle, add an air pillow, add foam, add a seat cover, and put it all together.

For aggressive muni and trials the carbon fiber seat is better and lets you tweak the seat to your needs. But being able to buy an off the shelf seat like the Velo is priceless for everyone else.

lucky me?

i am lucky enough to have both seats now.
Although the velo is pretty good tool for the price, a carbon tailorerd to your own requiremnts with your own choice of cover and handle sets it in a different league.
As it should considering it is about three times the price!

In every area the carbon base for me is better, ie lighter, stiffer, easier to tailor

My question more is why does he not put the Velo style handle on his CF seat base? My Preference for the 2 is deffenatlly the Velo handle.


Just noticing… Kris also doesn’t have a KH hub/ cranks on his mod… he’s got some profiles…

and your suprised by his choice of hub why? if he has been riding them for how many huge massive drops without a breakage, and not having to get a new frame made, why would he change his hub/crank selection?

not very good product endorsement

so it’s not top of the line, big deal. it’s a heck of a lot better than the other options out there for the price. Remeber it’s getting near half the price of a new profile set, and thier still pretty good quality.

i know… i got em on my muni

doesnt he break a profile crank and/or hub in UNiVERsE??

No, that was not a profile setup. it was something similar to a DM style hub/cranks, but I think it was custom made for him. To my knowledge the only person who has broken a profile crank was Chris reeder, and now Dylan who has chris’s cranks, which were probably part of the problem.

I bent my 145mm monty cranks, quite badly too, and only got it replaced yesterday, boy did it feel weird to be straight.

Anyways, i had this conversation with Kris at the TOque games in toronto. I have broken several miyata handles, 3 of which were the “older style”.

so asked him why he thought his haven’t broken yet. He said it’s probably because he’s got such a tight fit between the front of his base/cover and his handle, that there’s absolutely no movement in there, and therefore, it hasn’t broken. this was in reference to his absolute oldest saddle (which is now on his trials uni) along with one of the prototype roach air saddle covers.

I hope this answers your questions.


finally! ,someone who know what i was asking and has an answer.


the Velo handle doesnt match up very well with the CF plate,i was going to try it but when i put the Velo handle up to the CF plate it didnt sit tight against the base.there would be a big gap between the base and the back/top portion of the handle.