When/Where will NAUC 2004 be held?

Is there any news yet on when and where next year’s North American Unicycle Convention will be held?

I want to set a date for the Black Hills Mountain Unicycle Weekend (South Dakota), and I don’t want our times to conflict.

David Maxfield
Mitchell, SD

No one, as far as I know, have dedicated themselves into hosting Nationals in 2004. Maybe you should host it in South Dakota!?!

-Ryan Woessner :slight_smile:


As of this moment, we do not have a host / location / dates for NAUCC 2004. there have not been any responses for calls for volunteers other than Wood One Wheelers.

WOW could only host NAUCC 2004 on the same weekend in July as the opening weekend for UNICON XII in Japan due to facilities availabiulity. Their offer was taken off the table at the USA Annual Meeting in August when an informal poll showed that many of the meeting attendees were planning on traveling to Japan and would not attend NAUCC if it were held in conflict with UNICON.

Several suggested locations for NAUCC 2004 have been investigated and rejected due to lack of suitable / affordable facilities. Two other potential locations are currently being investigated.

Anybody willing to investigate potential NAUCC 2004 locations in their area and serve as the USA’s local liason person is urged to contact me immediately. Requirements include:

  • Gym space suitable for artistic events, basketball and hockey. Preferably one large gym (or a double / tripple gym) and one or two smaller gyms. The large gym must have adequate seating for at leasr several hundred spectators. The gym(s) must be available for the duration of the event.

  • A standard 400 meter multi-lane, artificial surface track. The track must be available for a minimum of two full days. It is preferable, but not required, that the track be in the same location as the gym(s).

  • A suitable venue for a public show. This could be a theatre / auditorium with a suitably large stage, or the large gym used for the artistic events.

  • A meeting room suitable to hold the USA annual meeting. A lecture hall or whatever, with seating for at least 150 and an available sound system. Access to a video (computer) projection system is desirable but not required.

  • A large parking lot or field suitable for building a MUni trials course.

  • Nearby off-road trails suitable for a MUni cross-country race.

  • A nearby paved, relatively flat bicycle path / walking trail suitable for a 10K race. Public streets are an acceptable alternative. In either case, we must be able to close off the course to the public for at least 90 minutes - two hours during the event.

  • Affordable lodging in the vicinity. Figure on attendance of about 300.

  • Access via a nearby hub airport.

Tom Daniels
President, Unicycling Society of America, Incorporated

tadaniels at usa dot net

I hope we’re able to find a location for NAUCC 2004. It’s difficult to take on the challenge, but we have had smaller groups, such as the Toronto crowd, host very successful conventions in the past.

Another scheduling note: there’s talk of a uni/Muni event in Minnesota next July. A few days with lots of riding on some great trails near campgrounds and other facilities.

I think they talked about July 23, if NAUCC doesn’t happen at that time. Dates are still open, though.


July 23 is the opening date for UNICON 12.

The UNICON in Tokyo will be a little earlier in the year than they have traditionally been, which would require a NAUCC to start earlier as well. If suitable facilities/volunteers cannot be found, I think it might be nice to concentrate on several regional conventions for 2004. The unicyclists of the country could benefit a lot from more accessible conventions that are not so huge, far away, and time-consuming. Plus, if regional events start to happen on a regular basis, they can start to become a structure for narrowing down the top competitors for the national, NA and world championships.

I know the pressure Tom Daniels must be feeling, as the USA hasn’t not had a “nationals” since it began nearly 30 years ago. But on the other hand, regional events haven’t done much during those years either. There are only a handful, and many of them are not held every year.

The USA’s aims statement just mentions “sponsoring and overseeing local and national meets.” So how about some more focus on the local end?