When it hurts to pee...

Is that solely due to dehydration, as I was told recently? I had always suspected that it was caused by excessive time in the saddle. But then I rode a near-century (90 miles) on a KH seat and had no trouble peeing, so I attributed this to the seat. Thinking back, I would not have said that I was especially hydrated that day (in fact, the opposite)

So…what factor(s) can bring about this condition, and how can we avoid it? I’d especially like to hear from unicycle tour riders like Gilby.

I can’t recall ever having that problem. Most saddle soreness I get is just itchiness or abrasiveness in the scrotum and farther back area. On a few occasions I’ve had a little numbness.

I’m sure a unicycle seat can do that to you. I have experience with this from my early days of riding. Though dehydration may have been a factor, I doubt it was on my first experience. About a week after I learned to ride (the second time, in 1979), Bradley Bradley and I decided to do a five-mile ride across town. This was in November so we weren’t sweating much. We were on a Schwinn Giraffe and an old Schwinn 20". By the time we got to our destination (a McDonalds), we both had crotch pain and I had painful peeing. We ended up walking much of the 5 miles back.

I think I only ever experienced that problem with Schwinn seats, but blame the riding more than the seats. Those were all we had back then. But I’m pretty sure we weren’t dehydrated.

Dehydration can cause a slight burning sensation. Pain is a pretty relative thing though. One persons slight might be another’s moderate. If the pain continues, I would definitely go to a urologist to rule out more serious things like prostate problems. Not an area to be taken lightly. Typical saddle probelms are more likely to be numbness and chafing or rashes.

For men. I think painful peeing (and numbness) is more anatomically likely for women.


Well, Since age 35, I’ve been to the proctologist several times (“Moon River” – Chevy Chase in Fletch, I think). No prostate probs. When I had peeing pain, the condition wasn’t ‘serious’ – just a 1- or 2-day pain when peeing. My uni friend said that the dehy made the pee thicker and therefore harder to express, hence the pain. Lovely, eh?

Actually quite true. However, numbness is well documented among male bicyclists. Hence, the development of anatomically correct bicycle seats with a detent in the appropriate areas. They also make anatomically correct bike seats specifically for women (same concept, slightly different shape). I’ve often wondered if this is feasible for unicycle seats. I’d try to make my own but I’d have to sacrifice one my seats to do it and I just can’t bring myself to cut one apart for something that might not work.

Since age 35, I have occationally had trouble peeing as well, but its from a different kind of riding I think.

Sorry, I know this is a serious thread. I just had to add that.

Are you sure you don’t have gonorrea?

I’ve been waiting this ENTIRE thread for someone to say that! :smiley:

Can a unicycle give you gonnorhea? Uh-oh – I’d better look into that!:wink:

No, but I think you can get it from a toilet seat! :astonished: Of course, painful urination is a classic symptom of the dreaded “clap”, according to medical reports I’ve read anyway.:slight_smile:

Or from a unicycle seat. Be careful whos unicycle you borrow.

you could probably get it from a tractor (that was only for seinfeld fans, i guess)