When is the new 2012 KH gear coming out???

I really want to see what KH is going to offer us and I need some cranks soon :slight_smile:

Have a look on previous years and you will have an idea considering that this is related to industrial process, so, similar every year

Ok, but when is the last time KH made significant changes to his unis or cranks? 2008?

KH introduced ISIS Moments cranks on “2007” models by end 2006 at the latest (not fully sure as I started uni at that time), still amazing but little bit heavy for other rides than trial

But hasn’t he made improvements to them over the years?

Yes. Generally the new stuff shows up mid-april --> late may, depending on the year.

why fix something that cant break!

To make them lighter, a still unbreakable.

KH Cranks with disc brake mount

KH Frames with disc brake mount or a bearing holder mount

No change for rims, tire development is all for mtb, so as usual we get the scraps

No new seats or post

What else could there be?

Ben’s dream sheet:

A dedicated 36" XC tire, aleady in the works by Vee Rubber! Too bad KH and UDC didn’t see the bigger market demand on this one…mtbers are gonna eat this one up!!
What about a different kind of geared hub, like a fixed gear up or down geared by 25%!!
How about a choice of gearing on a Schlumpf!!!

Yeah, I like to dream :slight_smile:

I too am hoping for a KH/Schlumpf update I also would like to see a fat KH frame with disc brake mount for my fatty 26" set up :slight_smile:

That’s a really interesting idea. A 3 gears Schlumpf could make a muni a lot more versatile: 0.75 for uphill, 1 for technical downhill and 1.25 for XC. Too bad that it probably will never happen :o

Hahahaha ! It exists on the drawing, I have been trying to exchange about it with Florian since last summer holidays but still not succeeded :angry: