When is one less than two?

Why does any given unicycle cost more than an equivalent bicycle? Is it a seller’s market for uni manufacturers?

Supply and demand.

Its because unicycles are so much cooler than bicycles.

Low-volume production. Uni sales numbers are orders of magnitude lower than bicycle sales, making them more or less a specialty item. This means they have a higher manufacturing cost and possibly higher markups at the retail level.

If you think they’re expensive now, you should have seen the prices five years ago when the hardcore unicycles were all handmade instead of mass manufactured in Taiwan.

I’m surprised that you feel that unis are more expensive. I felt that they are very reasonably priced. Take for instance the KH or Koxx Munis. They are a top of the line unicycle for trail riding at around $500. Try to find a top of the line Mountain Bike for that price. How about the price of a Custom Coker. Compare that to the price of a custom built road bike. I think that unicycles are a real bargain.

Yeah you cant compair the BEST unicycle to the WORST bike… cuz at a lot of Bike stores, you cant get a bike for 500$.

I agree.

A KH trials or Muni is around $450-550. You get a top of the line trials or DH bike, and it can easily run up from $2000-3000, and then a lot more parts brake and have to be replaced at a higher cost than on a unicycle.

Only thing that is almost comparable is a geared uni, but then when you look at road bike, geared unis start looking pretty cheap. =p

What is an “equivalent” bicycle?

i say one that has equivalent cranks/rims to the unicycle in comparison, it makes sense.

Bikes have gears too, unicycles don’t.