when do you say stop! (drops)

i stop at 2m onto concrete, it hurts my ankles too much to go any higher.

i’ll do a 170cm drop without batting an eyelid but as soon as i go bigger i get worried about breaking stuff (ankles, in particular)
i suppose i could adapt my technique to use more knee movement and less ankle movement.

jumping off big things is only exiting for so long though, i prefer following lines with chalenging moves to just jumping off stuff.

i have profiles and i weigh 60kg so i don’t need to worry about the unicycle.

I enjoy doing large drops, and so far haven’t hurt myself, however i have now bent (i think) 8 or 9 profile cranks, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. I’ve stopped just looking for things to jump off, and i think i’ve bent them on an almost flat 8 foot stationary gap. So basically this sucks, and even though i can do 9 foot drops to flat without hurting myself at all, the uni gets trashed. And even when i don’t do big drops to flat, it still gets trashed. Also, i’ve wrecked 3 rims, (i assume from doing this). I think profile should make some stronger 145mm cranks.



The one, the only, Ryan Atkins.

Hey Ryan, are you going to moab? If so, I say we get Steve Howard to machine some solid steel cranks that are the same dimensions as the profiles, and then have the heat treated and give them to you. So what if they weigh 4 pounds, they might take a few hore drops befor bending. It’d also be a way of evening the playing field on the high-jump competition.:stuck_out_tongue:

Also, Ryan, where’d you find a line that involved a static 8’ drop to flat?!

I’ve done about 3 foot drops and would like to go higher but dont want to damage my unicycle.It’s a 24" torker and i dont know how much it can take.

see universe 2? ryan, why didnt you roll out of that one?

that brings water 2 my eyes.

i’ve got suzue hub and BE cranks and i do drops of about 3-4 feet and everythings held up well

How your non-splined cranks survive such big drops is beyond me! My brother weighs 130 pounds and has bent his bike euro cranks so much that I can hardly hop on, let alone ride his unicycle. His max drop height is about 3.5 feet.

I used to say the same thing…its time will come. I remember the faithfull day i bent my first crank…it was jumping a 6 stair.


i did 5 foot to flat concrete the other day, felt easy, landed smooth, (on an onza trials) so i reckon i could go higher. Altho its gettin towards scary height.

Friend ric did 6ft to flat grass on his KH20, very shaky landin tho, didnt look good at all.

i’ve hopped a number of 5 stairs and 6 stairs and not bent any bike euro cranks i just weigh 120 lbs so that may have something to do with it

So when you bend the cranks does profile replace them for free for the lifetime warranty?

I’m a fat guy, about 230-240 pounds, and I bend non-splined cranks left and right. Anything with a height of over about 3 feet seems to kill the cranks. Unless they are aluminum doteks…then a 5 inch jump kills them. I’ll be ordering a profile set this week though, so no worries.

<threadjack>Its kind of good in a way. Due to the bent cranks, I have learned a lot of freestyle on my other uni. So far, I’ve learned hop on wheel (the kind where you hop seat out, jump of the pedals, spin the uni, and land on the tire), uni-spin, rolling mount, rolling 1 foot mount, a little bit of wheel walking, 1 foot ride (duh), side mount to seat out ride, rolling seat out ride (which is really sketchy), and the aerial. I’ve been unicycling since april 24th of this year. Ok, I’m done bragging :stuck_out_tongue: </threadjack>

I should hope they do…A fat kid like myself will probably be needing a new set after a 5 or 6 foot drop.

Hub strength

Anyone know the weight/drop rating on the unicycle.com 36spoke hub their nimbus 24" comes with? I think I bent something, doing 12" drops… I weigh about 180lbs…

On thread topic tho, I think my drop height is about a foot… Anything higher and I either dismount, or take the long way around :wink:

I’m a wuss :wink:

Wow, are you serious?

I wonder because the hub it comes with is the same hub that the nimbus trials comes with, which is the unicycle.com CRMO hardened hub. I have the nimbus trials, and I was doing 4 foot drops with it and the hub didn’t even budge. I weigh 230-240 lbs. I actually killed the cranks, but the hub is still fine. Perhaps you got a suzue on accident? Or maybe the hub was defective?

Me myself i draw the line at 10 ft cause last time i did 10 the rim did a taco on me but it wasnt a kh24 trials tear i want 1 :’(

I do about 3 and a half foot drops on my 20" torker

go higher man HIGHER I SAY its alot easier than u would think

around 6 ft to flat concrete. but i’m becoming a crotchety old man because i’m hesitant to do them anymore. every now and then i just do it for the hell of it. it’s fun, and it makes you do more insane stuff. drops aren’t bad. if you do them often they become easier and easier. if i was riding more i could probably go higher.