when do you say stop! (drops)

I am wondering what people think about drops i used to love them but now i have stoped at about picnic table hight as I don’t want to kill the hub and cranks in my trials. when do you think that you will stop or when have you stoped.

The onza i have can go up to 6ft without me breaking anything, depends what unicycle you have… if its ordinary cranks i wouldnt jump down a curb :S


practice rolling out on impact.

My Suzue/Kooka’s were taking 4.5 footers with no problems at all.

As you get older, the question will change. It is not, “Will my unicycyle survive?”, but “Will I survive?” --chirokid–

It depends a lot on the unicycle you have. I’ve done five footers on my KH20, but no higher than that because it’s scary. :stuck_out_tongue:
But Kevin McMullin(sp?) has done something like ten foot drops on the KH, and it appears to be holding up well.

yeah i did not mean because of the nicycle i ment because of you so if i was not clear.whats your drop quotta i can’t do to mant big ones as i find i get a whip effect if u get me.

You took the words right out of my mouth.

When I was learning drops I stopped at 18" because I was bending cranks. Once I got a splined axle I went to 32" (picnic table) pretty quickly. For now I have a self-imposed limit of 36".

At this point in my life I want to get better, not go bigger.

Like someone’s signature says, it won’t hurt if you land it.
I think it’s Tugboat’s. Anyway, it’s true. If you land incorrectly, then it will hurt a bunch. But it’s not too easy to land incorrectly. You should just land with both feet parallel to the ground, and then roll out of it.

Now THAT’s a good way to go.

You also havent tried to ride Kevin’s uni. The cranks are krunked beyond belief.

i get scared of drops over 4’ and havent had the bottle to try one yet, also im really worried about damaging my uni beacause my landings could be alot smoother, i know that if i damage my hub then i wont be able to afford to get back into trials for a while

yeah i spent most of my money on a muni so i am in the same boat as you tom.

there’s also the factor of rider weight.

I’ve stopped at 6’ drops to flat (but probably lower to concrete) unless there’s a particularly soft landing. I haven’t gone any higher on my muni with a transition, but I think when I find an appropriate drop with a roll out I’ll go bigger. I quite enjoy dropping, but when even a reasonably good landing starts to hurt it’s just not fun.

I do the vast majority of my dropping to flat on my trials uni with KH’s, and drops with transitions on my muni with Profiles.


I dropped over 6’ to a dirt rollout and it was easy, and felt smoother than most of the 2footers i do. My biggest to flat (cement) is about 4.5’, and I have no intention of going bigger. I did the 6plus on my muni, and the 4.5 on my trials uni. When I do hopping practice, I inevitably am left with a 2’ drop to cement, and now I just get of the uni and step off. I only do big drops in urban environments when I ride a line where the drop’s part of it.

I’m 180 with gear

I’m about 70kg (155lb) with gear. I did some more 6’ drops to flat grass/dirt today and I noticed that jumping out further does help (me at least) quite a bit because it makes rolling out easier. I bent my pedals some more though. :frowning: And maybe the right crank a bit more, I’m not sure.


Well I tried to edit this but I was too late…but here’s the bent stuff - http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albuu61?&page=1 .


Andrew… that doesn’t look good. So that a bent crank? It’s hard to bend pedal axles isn’t it? Anyway… looks like it’s profiles for you on your trials :slight_smile:

It’s part crank and part pedal. I will eventually get Profiles I think. It’s just that the crnaks a weakened now so they bend easier. But as I said in another thread, the original bending of them was mainly due to poor foot posture. I have some shoe inserts now that make a big difference. I was putting heaps of pressure right on the edge of the pedal. Now the only real excuse I have is poor technique.


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Yeah andrew… sorry but everyone just knows you’ve got no technique. You left the chat like 20 mins b4 i got on. Silly boy. Why when I go to Brisbane I’m gonna… I’m gonna… ah I’ll prolly just say hello and get Universe 2 off ya. Hopefully we can go for a ride, not sure my mum would want me to though.

But anyway sorry bout the crank. But profiles would be good. Do you use 145mm cranks? My metal pedals occasionally touch the ground with my 145mm cranks… on the other hand having a 2.5 inch tyre would probably sought that out.

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