When do I have to replace my tyre?

I really like the feeling of my smooth 26" road tyre. But the thread has become visible in several places and I wonder, how many layers are there. I.e. when do I have to to replace the tyre.

Have you been rotating the tyre?

Yes, it’s smooth all around, this is why it rides so great. :smiley:

And this is why I want to delay replacing it as long as possible.

Keep going till you see innertube then:p

As long as it feels good… :wink: You’ll feel when you need to replace it (cause it will be flat :stuck_out_tongue: )

If you wait too long you can shred the tube and possibly have a serious blowout. If you’re riding alongside cars this could be especially dangerous.

For normal outdoor use, I’d say as soon as flats become annoyingly frequent.
I think you won’t be able to make the fabric fail because the fraction tube-mending/riding will approach 1.

Somebody should make a bald tire that is allready completely smooth, like a street slick. That would be cool.

Two approaches here. If you want to avoid being stranded with a flat, it’s already past time to get a new tire. But if that’s not a problem, keep on riding it. You’ll know when it’s time to replace it. :slight_smile:

And avoid spinning a lot.

I got a new one with Kevlar guard. I’ll be able to use it until I reach the Kevlar, very easy to tell. :smiley:


Of all the tires with an acceptable profile at the bike shop this was the one with the hardest rubber mixture (softer has better grip but wears out faster and makes turning less comfortable). Sadly the guy at the bike shop wasn’t up to answering my questions, so I had to fondle all the tires with my fingers to come to this conclusion.

They had a sad excuse for a trial uni there and I made the mistake of betraying some interest. So he wanted to start explaining me what’s important when choosing a unicycle. That’s when I bailed, luckily I had already paid for the tyre.