when did u get your second uni?

hey everyone,
i was just curious as to how long did ou wait after you got ur first uni to buy a second?
-how much did it cost?
-what brand it was?
-what type (muni, trials, freestyle, street, etc.)

I got my second uni a year and few months after I got my first one. It was a Qu-Ax 24" standard…I just wanted a change

Almost exactly one month later. It’s a Nimbus ISIS 26" Muni. Next will probably be a 36" whenever i can afford one.

I got my KH20 (street) six months after my learner

about 6 months, a nimbus 24" muni, £160

I got my first uni (24" United from UDC) in April/May of '08. My wife bought me a Nimbus 29" for christmas. It’s awesome. This is me riding around the neighborhood on Christmas day.

Sorry all, I didn’t get it to attach the first time.

3 or 4 years. I think it was a Sun. It was another 3 years before I upgraded to something with a splined setup and 19" wheelset.

I’ve had mine for less than a month and I’m seriously considering buying a 24" or a 26". Bit of a struggle trying to keep myself from it :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you mean '07…:stuck_out_tongue:

Two uni’s in 2007

I purchased two uni’s in 2007.

First was a 20" no name in spring.
Second was a 29" Bedford Aug/Sept

In 2008 I expect two/three more uni’s

36" Nimbus in Feb for Ride the Lobster
24" ??? in July/Aug for riding on BMX bike trails (One for me one for son).

i got mine almost a year later for my birthday i got a no name 24"

Yes, sorry. '07.

1 - Christmas '05 - no name 20" learner
2 - April '06 - Nimbus 26" muni
3 - Christmas '06 - Nimbus 29" road uni
4 - Two weeks ago - Nimbus 36"

I got my second uni about 3-4 months after my first,
a nimbus 19" ISIS. :slight_smile:

I bought my 20-inch Schwinn in March 2003. It was going to be “the only unicycle I would ever need”. My second uni was a Summit (20-inch trials) which I bought about 3 months later. Then it was a 26-inch Muni, then a 29-inch, then a 20-inch freestyle then … this is getting out of hand. :roll_eyes:

(At least I have not bought a giraffe.)

about 2 months- a cheap learners one that I could lend to friends.

Nimbus 20". A couple of months after I’d learned to ride and wrecked my no name learner in the process.

I got my 2nd uni about a month after i got my learner…
I got a 20inch Nimbus Trials.
I got it becuase i felt it was time to try and take my riding to the next level.

I originally learned to ride on a borrowed Troxel P.O.S., which fell apart. Then I “finished” learning to ride three years later on a borrowed Schwinn Giraffe. The first unicycle I owned was a Schwinn Giraffe, purchased for about $109 in February 1980. At this time my friend and I also had a borrowed 20" Schwinn (which later became part of my collection). Not sure when I bought my second one, which was a 24" Schwinn. Probably March or April 1980.