When did This come out???

I just saw this on youtube about Kris Holm.
Was this on Tv or something?

i’d say it came out 05 or 06. never saw this before.

huh…Its pretty new footage. He has his 05/06 KH unicycle, so maybe it was filmed back then. I dont know what for though.

On youtube it said it was added today

Haha, that’s probabblly somewere early 2006 maybe, judging by his unicycle model.

I wonder who that is that put the video up. He calls it mountain unicycling, when Kris is obvisouly doing trials.

Wow, I’m a slow typer!

on second thought, it’s probally 06. he has the 05 uni, but he also has the new gloves.

…and the fusion street seat.

does he have anyother free footage id like to see more of his riding but dont have the money for videos

the gloves were made like 2.5 years ago, but so many of the other gloves were for sale he didn’t release them.

ps. I think that that is just a cut down seat.

Here’s some more

Yeah I’d say the begining to middle of '06. Also Norco stopped being his sponsor late last year.

I’ve never seen the New World Disorder clip before. Anyone know if that is the only unicycling in it? I’m thinking about getting it from UDC.
He was riding a DM w/ a 2.6 tire (24 or 26? can’t tell)

Ran out of edit time:
Also the freeride one or Into The Thunder Dragon vids.
I think that DM is a 26 w/ 175 Profiles.
All of his other muni riding I’ve seen I think was on a 24X3 w/ shorter cranks

HARD CORE UMX!! yeah dood.

Believe it or not, UMX is the oldest name for off-road unicycling as its own activity. It goes all the way back to 1981. Rough terrain unicycling probably came next, coined by George Peck in the late 80s. Mountain unicycling (Muni) goes back to 1993 or so(?), and the capital U came in 1996. Trials and Street came after those.

The press still reads about mountain unicycling and then applies that name to everything they see, when the more visual stuff is usually Trials and Street. Nowadays I’m making a point of letting the press know there’s a difference, though to me MUni is still a good blanket term.