When buying from the trading post - money exchange?

When buying from an individual on the Trading Post, What is the best way to exchange money for goods purchased if both parties live in different States/Countries?

I have used Paypal for the most part. A couple of times I have accepted checks from people who didn’t have, or want Paypal accounts.

I’d say the best method will be the one that makes both people feel confident in the transaction. I have really only dealt with people I have gotten to know on the forum for a while. This doesn’t guarantee a smooth transaction, but it helps to reduce the feeling of risk.

I guess if you are really not sure you could use a COD (Cash on delivery) option where you pay the carrier when the package arrives. This will have a fee associated with it, but it would greatly minimize the risk for both parties.

Usually Paypal, but I used Western Union one time buying from a guy in Moscow (I’m in the USA). That worked out OK.

I’d use Paypal. Western Union might be fine, but I associate it with fraud. Perhaps unfairly. Perhaps not.

My thoughts exaclty.