Wheelwalking or coasting, and how?

Hey everybody, From a different thread, I learnt that i should do wheelwalking, but I’m thinking of coasting, so plase, hear me out, which one. And also, not only which one, but how should I learn.

ww first, lean back, keep your back stright, and just practice.

Actually, why don’t you try learning one-foot wheelwalk instead? It’s closer to coasting.

Learn to wheelwalk before coasting. You’ll have the basics of coasting down from wheelwalk, so it’ll be easier to learn.

Just pracice, eventually you’ll get it.

K thanks, guys, but one more Q, where do I put my feet?
Foot =()()() tire=___________

          A                        B                                  C

       __________            _ ()_______()_____           Other way (please 
        ()()()  ()()()            ()               ()                      EXPLAIN)
       __________            ()____________()_         

Thanks again guys

Ps, How Do you get a slogan?

on the tire
and then you walk the wheel so that YOU go forwards, your feet walk backwards

put the bottom of your feet on the face of the tire( the part that touches the ground)

how easy is one wheeled wheel walking compared to wheelwalking ? i can do the latter pretty well now, like i can hit the 10-15 metre mark everytime and get back to pedals like 1 in 2. Should i try putting one off the on the frame and using just one or just get better at WW first, and then it’ll be easier?

sorry/ uncertain

Hey guys, sorry bout the last message, computer autochecked it and changed the pics, im workin on it and dont know if the whole or only part of the foot touches the “face” of the tire (part touching ground in future)

you just have to push the tyre along, not sure what you mean by placing our whole foot on the tyre…

Just try your best to just push the wheel along, i guess you use more the middle/rear of your shoe but that probably depends on your shoe size.

If you mean one foot wheel walking, I found it pretty easy, I started trying to 1ft ww a few days ago (when I could ww about 5-15m and normaly ride out) and already I can glide a bit, I made about 3 revs yesterday, also I think I can now 1ft ww further than I can ww.

i beg to differ.

wheel walk is so far from coasting you cant even relate the two. if anything gliding is the only other skill that teaches the basics of coasting.

learning to coast well took me about 10 times longer than learning to glide and wheel walk put together (the later two i found relatively easy)

anyone can wheel walk with practise, few can coast well.

I believe the idea is that wheel walking leads to one-foot wheel walking. The moments when you slide your foot back to repeat the motion is an echo of what it’s like to coast. This simple step in a one-foot wheel walk does help teach you the bare bones of coasting.

(Sorry I started reading and forgot this thread was pretty old)