Beginner alert: I’m just starting out. Could anybody explain the significance of
wheel size on moneuvrability and easy learning?

Re: wheelsize


    And you know what they say about unicyclers with big wheels, don't you?
    (long pause) They say that they can go long distances very easily. Tee
    hee hee... But I guess you're right about the wheel size. It makes sense
    that a bigger wheel means more distance. BTW- I started to be able to
    move a little bit more on my uni today! (Okay, so that's not a big deal
    to some people. It is for me, okay?!?) :-)


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Re: wheelsize

20" and 24" wheels are both good to learn on. The differnces are:

20" unis are typically used more for freestyle tricks and small spaces, and they
ride down steps easier. They ride at about walking speed, depending on how fast
you pedal.

24" unis are still good for tricks and skills - I use a 24" and haven’t had any
problems - but they also are good for covering a distance. I also use mine to
travel around a college campus. It’s as good as (better, in my opinion!) any
bicycle! Of couse, not as fast as a ten speed. Somwhere between jogging and
running speed, I’d say. IMHO, it’s the best compromise.

The deal with tricks and other skills is the amount of leg room necessary. At
least in my experience, some tricks are easier on 20" unis because you have
more leg room to maneuver. Anything above 24" is really used for long
distance riding.

Hope this helps! Good luck and have fun on one wheel!

– Alex