Wheelset recommendations!

I have literally a $10 wheelset, so it’s just really bent and crappy. I’m looking for a new one but I went on unicycle.com and there’s three pages of them. So I need help choosing the right one. I’m looking for a wheelset that’s under $200 with cranks or a wheelset with no cranks for under $100. I’m into street but I’m a beginner and I don’t plan on doing anything to intense with trial, so I DON’T NEED TOP OF THE LINE! So don’t recommend the most expensive thing, because I already know thats the best. I probally want splined cranks so I don’t need to by a crank extractor and they’re stronger. Only the U.S unicycle.com please. Thanks for your help. Joe.

I say get a nimbus or dx rim whatever floats your boat and either a kh or qu-ax crankset they are out of kh now and should get some in soon. Spokes will be like 20-30 bucks so yeah a little, bit over 2hundo, but if you go kh you can use that for street, flatland and trials. A bunch say moments are the best for flatland at least from what I hear and tons of street riders use them also they don’t have the nub!. You can grind that off though.

Anybody have a recommendation that has at least a hub rim and spokes included. Also, where can you get kh parts in the u.s because I only see them on the u.k site and that means $70 shipping.

Well, if you only want parts of the UDC US site, that limits the options on hub+crankset, as they have very few hubs.

I’d say get the Qu-Ax yellow hub and 145 cranks, Nimbus 48h Trials rim, and 48 spokes. That’s a $179 wheelset. That’s a pretty awful street hub, though.

If you ordered a lightweight hub+crankset, like the Qu-Ax ISIS light, or the KOXX ISIS light, it’d be lighter, shorter cranks, and maybe cheaper.

I just looked around on the municycle.com website, and you can get a 19" KH 07 rim, Moment hub, and a set of lightweight ISIS cranks for $177 shipped. Add $18 for spokes, and that’s a $195 wheelset, shipped.