It would be cool to see a wheel designed and cut out like you see the boys at American chopper build .Spinners ,with customs patterns fat slick wide as possible ,.
Just for poser riding ,you know Bikz day’s ,Sturgess.Lots of Chrome ,Pimp my ride.Flames,paint,American Hot rod style
What a hit that would be. .Leathers ,party.

Haha, crazy idea


Why not a disk brake while we’re at it?

Wal-mart sells bike spinners.

some does have a disk break on their uni

Re: Wheels

somthing like this! but on a uni


while we on the subject of fancy wheels check this bmx hub out

Hot diggity

now that is one sexy hub. any idea bout the cost?

Re: Wheels

On a unicycle? Ouch! :slight_smile:

wal-mart has ones that go inside the spokes. you have to thread them in. seager bought some for his 20 inch. woulda been better if his rim didn’t have assloads of spokes(48 i think) and the little clamps to keep if from moving on the hub were able to be tightened tight enough. also i think due to the massive amount of spokes/no room for fingers/tools to tighten things up.

That fancy hub posted by smc02 looks cool, but probably wouldn’t be much good on a unicycle. Radially spoked wheels are no good for a wheel that has to transmit torque from the hub (so it’s really only useful for the front wheel of a bike, and even then only if not using any form of hub braking).

There are similar hub designs around that look unusual, and still have the advantage of using straight spokes (less chance of spoke breakage - they usually break at the hooked end of a conventional spoke where it goes through the hub flange), but are laced in a suitable way for a drive wheel, so could be used on a unicycle. Advocates of these hubs claim that fewer spokes can be used because of the stronger spoke/hub interface, but I suspect that rim stability is probably more of a problem on a unicycle (with the higher lateral forces than on a bike wheel) than spoke breakage. A unicycle hub built this way would look pretty cool I think.

There are various designs around, but here’s a picture of one I found quickly:

Yes, that radial BMX hub was really cool. It would make a great B.C. wheel hub! But yes, you don’t want radial spokes on a regular unicycle unless, like this thread started out, it’s just for looks and not for hard riding.

Thinking about it, I seem to remember seeing a unicycle wheel built with a hub specially drilled to take twice the normal number of spokes (presumably 72 or 96 spokes then). That looked cool, and as far as I can remember it was radially spoked - perhaps with so many spokes it was rigid enough. I think it may have been one of Darren Bedford’s (?)

I know Andy Schwarz has a sweet looking radial spoked 20" freestyle uni. Don’t know the number but I think its’ 48 spokes? It looks awesome but he breaks so many spokes it’s not even funny. Sometimes he breaks a couple at a time! And it’s seldom that he rides it with all the spokes on cause it always seems to be missing at least one. So ya they are great for looks but doing any tricks is not good.

Having the nipples attached to the hub rather than the rim has the advantage of keeping more of the mass near the centre. This is done on some performance manual wheelchairs.

OMG ! :astonished: :astonished:

I never thought I’d see a bling-bling uni! Now if that doesn’t get the babes running your way, I don’t know what will…

<drools> damn… <drools>

loosejello’s pic

ooh shit… loosejello nice rim lol