ive been unicycling since chrismas and i hope to get a new frame and wheel for my bday but i need to no if i buy a thicker wheel then will i have do i need a new rim. and do rims u buy come with spokes, im talking bout the ones on unicycle.uk.com.


I thing you would want to buy a whole new unicycle.
The beginner unicycles tend to break after you’ve watched some movies in the gallery and try those things.

my first did.


Re: Wheels

i too have wondered this…

Rims do not come with spokes. To make a new wheel you need a rim, rim strip (to protect tube from spoke ends), tube, tire, spokes, spoke nipples, and don’t forget the hub. By the time you add all that up, and especially include the hassle of switching wheels out if you only have one frame, you may realize it’s much better to have a separate unicycle.

I think you also asked something about fitting a wider tire onto the same rim. This can be done as long as the tire is made to fit that rim. The drawback of wider tires on skinnier rims is that they can fold over, depending on what type of riding you do.

Try using punctuation in further posts. It will make it easier for us to understand you, and it will also help you learn to use the language.

oh sorry about that i was in a rush, anyhow yeah i’m looking into doing trails uni, but i’m probably just going to end up buying a whole new uni.

Cheers for the help