Wheels for Sale

Hey, I have a few items for sale…
I think all these prices are fair, but if not, make and offer. first come, first serve. Prices in CAD. buyer pays shipping, or you can pick up in ottawa.

-ISIS KH wheelset. wheel is in good shape. No bearings or cranks. New wide style rim, drilled out. $100

-Older style KH wheelset. Includes Cranks. 40 spline. Cranks may be slightly bent, its difficult to tell. if they are bent, it is minimal. includes bearings and cranks, 140mm. $100

-Trials Bedford BC wheel. Alex DX-32 rim, with maxxis C.C. tire. in nearly new condition. comes with long platforms. $100

-Regular Bedford BC wheel. 20inch freestyle tire (blue) with shorter old style platforms, scratched up on the bottoms. $65


Are these just some extras and old stuff you dont need anymore? Or are you going to use some different uni parts instead of mostly KH?

Anyways, my friend is looking for a BC wheel, and ill tell him there are two here.

post some pics i am interested in the older kh wheelset.

here’s the picture of the older wheel. The crank that I used to pedal grab with is scratched, hence the picture. Also, there is a brand new monty tire included.



hmmmmmpics of the trials bc wheel…iv been interested in getting one…

will you sell me that monty tire?

yeah, I’ll sell the monty tire.

I know its rare, so, $30. It is brand new.

deal. I will pm you with my info.


its yours

really? and these ARE the ones that are like 80 bucks right?
if so then count me in.

That is not an Eagle Claw, it’s one of the older ones/

Brand new monty EG from HB trials are $45. They are the new version however, this is the old white stripe one.

If unidude or raymond don’t pick this up, I’ll take it off your hands

Ah, mornish just told me it wasnt a eagle claw so…i guess Its Danni’s…or r-cormier’s

Pics for BC wheels??? Interested

Ryan check this thread out. Im sure you will like it and I know we will like it :slight_smile:

I love his old vids to, but give Ryan a break.
This thread is to sell his old unicycle stuff, so lets stay on topic.
Don’t be mad at me sp4rky-m4rky :wink:

Peter M

I might want the BC wheel…

I never rode one before so should i get the regular one, or can I learn on the trials BC wheel?

Will you accept US Dollars? (the are almost the same right now)

BC Wheel

may be interested in buying the small BC wheel if it’s still for sale.

Just wondering, what are you riding at the moment?

I would be interested in buying some of these but shipping and handling to NZ would ruin it.