wheelol movie 2

hi guys
thats the new wheelol vid:
wheelol movie 2
there’s also a youtube link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=qtIZwj_0q2Q
hope you enjoy :wink:
and give me feedback


I cant see it because it lags to much

that was sweet, some stuff i havent seen before in there, good vid boys


Very nice, love the style. Great movie! thanks for the downlaod.
That inward/smallspin - smallspin was soo smooth, nice shot.

Too dang good! So far beyond my potential but still fun to watch.:smiley:

liked the grinds.
some of the wheel stuff was good.

That was really an amazing video

You guys are so good. and I like the look of the qu-ax( i think ) with yellow pedals and a sliver frame

That was really cool, good job.
I liked the orange boarders that came in and out.

That was amazing, I just found it on youtube randomly and I’m glad I did, one of the best vids I have seen in a while.


am glad u like it
thx :slight_smile:

Nice! Where are you guys from?

i already told you on msn, but really cool video, like the big hand rails and the 360 from pallet to pallet thing, and few other bits was all good, keeep reppin the Qu Ax lol

They’re from Switzerland.

Great riding, the grinds rocked.
Keep it up

Loved the new wheel pose tricks, they were awesome!

Nice video!

Yeah, korrektes Video! Die Grinds sind echt fett!

Freu mich mehr von euch zu sehen!

Awesome vid! I liked the standing-on-wheel tricks and you seem to have flow too :slight_smile:


Great vid, nice to see new stuff in there, liked the flow!
much improvement since ur 1st vid.
u guys are good, keep it up.
thanks for sharing