wheelol movie 1

hi all
i made a new short movie before winter comes… :smiley:
it also contains me riding on my self-made bc wheel
hope you enjoy…

Horrible music.

Other than that, try not to put your foot in your spokes, as you know, it’s dangerous. Speed was a little excessive too, seen some wobble.


That was really cool! I liked the unispin to sib. You went fast on that BC, the blue lights were cool too.

that was sick I loved that drop in off that like 10 foot high half pipe:p :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

thanks all
the drop into the pipe was really hard but next time i will try to make a 270° into it… :smiley:
@Borgschulze music isn’t horrible - you just don’t like it… :smiley:

Nice vid! Why haven’t you been to basel when I was there? Nice to see spots that I know in your Vid :slight_smile:

I like your style,great vid.

@niels sorry wollte unbedingt kommen aber ich war in einem 2-wöchigen schullager. hab jedoch das video gesehen - ist hammer! ihr wart wohl auf jeder baustelle am trialen (tramschienen,…) :smiley:
@lutz thx :slight_smile:

Naja der Iten halt

Very good video, I must agree that I didn’t much like the second song, but the first was pretty ok. I hope to see more from you guys.

Also how did you make that light up thing in the wheel?

i think he has a dust cap with a led in it but very good movie i liked the music:p

the light cap looks like this:

in reality it looks better than in the movie because i had to film it by night and only really good cameras make good clips by night

Very nice vid. I like your style of riding. You ride very fast, its refreshing to watch. I didn’t mind the music but I don’t know why you chose two songs in a vid under 2 mins long. Keep em coming.


ahh ok it is a cap for your tube, I could probably make one of those now that I think about it.

great uni riding! you have a real talent when it comes to street. I liked the big stair drop you did and that huge QP drop

And when are we gonna see you grinding that huge handrail? :wink:

wow that was really sweet. that stair case was huge ,very nice.