Wheelies. 'Secrets'

I watched Paul Daniels ‘Secrets’ show last night (UK TV BBC1) amongst the
various acts was a Swedish trio called The Wheelies who were pretty damned
hot on the unicycle and Ultimate wheel. They were not given a lot of time
but the time they had was very effectively used. After some impressive
bunny hopping and wheel walking stunts they went on to do some Ultimate
wheel stunts that just blew me away. Things like rolling mounts, changing
wheels whilst rolling in a circle,a leapfrog mount for gods sake,
vaulting a hurdle (wheel under, rider over) and all three doing the stunt
at the same time over/under the same hurdle. I cannot Ultimate wheel myself
but I’m almost tempted to try it. The Ultimate wheels were nice too, five
or six spoked alloy wheels with what looked like slick tyres, anybody out
there know what make they might be? So if you see the act billed anywhere
give them a look as they were really good. Trev

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