Would doing a wheelie be considered unicycling?

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no, it’d be doing a wheelie. unicycling=riding a unicycle. your bike dosent turn into a unicycle just because you go up on one wheel.


Jeff Baker has taken a quite different approach: if you do nothing but wheelies on a mountain bike, you can lose the front wheel to produce a unibike! He has an album including photographs and personal records."


Take the front wheel off and do nothing but wheelies and you’re almost there! :slight_smile: hah

I’ve tried wheelies so many times and I’ve never been able to get them to work, I always fall off in half a second. Maybe now that I can unicycle I can do it a little better.

I’m thinking that “unibike” is like saying 1-2.
unicycles are cycles with one wheel.
bicycles are cycles with 2 wheels.

If you ride a bicycle on one wheel it is not “riding a unicycle.”
If you ride a bike with the front wheel removed, I think that qualifies as riding a uni.

Nah, it doesn’t, because a unibike freewheels. A standard unicycle wouldn’t.

Chris Reeder made a unibike, and he rides it around campus.

i disagree. i believe that it is technically a unicycle, but it’s not the conventional design.

A unibike, or a bike on the rear wheel, are harder to ride than a regular unicycle. Try it.

But back to the original question, riding a bike on the back wheel is not unicycling. It doesn’t feel anything like it, it doesn’t steer the same way, you can’t idle or go backwards, and it still takes up more parking space. Basically it’s two different things.