wheelchairs and unicyclists

I was at my grand-parents house the other day and i saw there wheelchair. Natrually i pulled it out and tried to ride doing wheelies. Well it took a couple of tries but i could get like 10 feet with a wheelie. Pretty cool. Also i could balance forever while doing a wheelie pretty easily. It was a lot of fun. Too bad i dont have a wheelchair at home. I attribut it to my unicycling balance. has any one else tried this out?? can they??? LOTS OF FUN:p

my flatmate has a wheelchair because her leggs don’t work well enough to walk around outside, however, when its not being used i get a lovely comfortable chair at my computer.

i learned to wheelie it verry quickly too, and ballance on the spot in a wheelie.

have you tried balancing on the spot with one hand?

wheelchairs are good fun but it gets boring fairly quickly.

I spent a while in a wheel chair in ninth grade after breaking my leg. I got pretty good riding around only on the rear wheels. They don’t seem to care too much for it in the hospital or highschool. Fortunately it was only for a little while.

I can only balance if I know somebody is behind.
Else I’m too scared of falling backwards.

Re: wheelchairs and unicyclists

I know you said this out of pure desire to be able to practice a new balancing skill. I once had a friend who had MS and was confined to a wheel chair. We used to switch off and ride wheelies and stalls for hours. But I must say that I feel pretty lucky not to have a reason to keep a wheelchair at home!

just a thought,


You know what I also think is funny, the way you can move sideways while idling is exactly the same. Not many people know/realize this.

The thing is, It’s all alot of fun until you have to stay in it. Wheelies, no problem, gliding with hands on wheels going down slight hills, very fun. a fifteen minute wheelie stand with total movement of about 2 inches while waiting for a ride, not so hard anymore. But after a few hours it gets uncomfy… but I too have had one as a comp chair for the last 5-7 years, so wheelies are no problem for me.

Edit: no handed balancing is also pretty easy.

This reminds me to the story of my old teacher I got to tell: when he was young he ‘overclocked’ a moped wheelchair, he reached speeds up to 100 m/h… and got hit by a car. His leg was broken on many places. This excident was just before he got medical examination by the army to serve his duty. The militair doctors did’nt believe in healing of his complex fracture, but his own doctors did. After long time he was OK, and so he never had to do time in the army.

Re: wheelchairs and unicyclists

tarzan wrote:

> Well it took a couple of tries but i could get like 10 feet with a
> wheelie.

Ah yes confessions of a wheelchair junkie…

When I was I boy I had a friend who’s father was unable to walk due to
an accident and a they had acouple of spare wheelchairs in their
basement. My friend who was only about three feet tall (a ‘little
person’ I guess is the correct term) could weelie indefinitely. He could
also idle a wheelchair and do terrific spins. I could make it across the
room and do cirlcles but that was about it. We used to have wheelchair
weelie races together too. Yep… good times!


Something you can do with wheelchair riders is to play baskeball.

Just an example here (jump to the second page) : :roll_eyes: