Wheel Wrighting

On a slightly off topic subject, this is a phone call I got the other day: Sales
lady: Is that Mr Elmore?
Me: Yes Sales lady: I wonder if youd mind if we sent you a leaflet about our
Wheel Wrighting service? Me (slightly nonplussed - slowly becoming
interested): Um, yeah OK that sounds interesting. Sales lady: Great. Do you
own a Wheel? [At this point Im starting to suspect things are not what the
seem] Me (confused and nervous): Um Yes - actually I have a few. Sales lady:
[pause] Right… this probably wont be of any help to you then. Thanks for
your time, goodbye.

This obviously left me feeling very confused until I reallised that she actually
said Will Writing service and do you have a will!

I expect you saw that coming a mile off but it took me a long time to realise.