Wheel wobbly

I recently had a carbon rim built ridden it for around 100miles. Just noticed it has a very slight wobbly. Thought the tyre wasn’t seated correctly so reseated it no difference.
The carbon rim is very very slightly not tru, I’m talking less then 0.5mm.
Is this something to worry about or is it within the standards

definitely don’t stress it. if it really annoys you, you can take it to your local bike shop and they will true it up for you

If you were competing in the Tour de France it might make a difference. For any practical use it won’t matter at all.

<1mm is a very small rim imperfection in my opinion. It does not matter at all - as long as the spokes have proper tension just ride. If the wheel starts making strange sounds it might be worth to have someone tension the wheel if you are not able to do it yourself.

Usually wobble is mostly due to tire imperfections (and not rim). Especially for cheaper tires its pretty common to have 1mm+ imperfections that you cannot get rid of no matter how many times you try to re-seat the tire. For low pressure tires I highly doubt it makes any practical difference except that it looks odd when you spin the wheel in the air!

If you can see it wobbling I’d guess it’s more than 0.5mm.
<1mm is not really at what I’d call a cause for concern, but personally I’d probably still get it sorted.

Have you had your wheel trued since it was built? There’s a reason why decent bike builders will have your bike back in to to re-true the wheels after the first few hundred miles once things have had a chance to settle.
We put a lot of stress into unicycle wheels so I’m never surprised to see how out of true a lot of people’s wheels are. With everyone running disk brakes it also seems to get ignored more than it used to.
For a high performance (and high priced) carbon wheel, you might as well keep it in tip-top condition.

If you’ve got a decent local bike shop, they should be able to sort it for you, but by decent bike shop I mean somewhere that deals with touring or high performance bikes on a regular basis, not your local Halfords.

The wheel was slightly out not my much 1mm tops. But I took it back to the guy how built it for me and 5minutes later it’s all sorted. It’s now running tru with the correct dish on it as he built it without the frame. So all is good.
If I didn’t get it sorted it would only bug me.