wheel walks =/

I can now ride backwards and spin and hop ect. I am now learing the wheel walk. I can do it 3 or 4 “steps”. Whenever I try i always end up leaning forward and fall forward after 3 steps. Ive been trying to sit up strait or lean more back which helps but than I sometimes fall backward and my feet get caught on the peadals and i go down backwards. Ive fallen 3 times today :angry: . Am i doing something wrong?
Is a wheel walk to advanced a trick? (if so suggest one)
Or is falling just something im going to have to get used to.


Sounds like you just need more practice. I always try to think of falling a different way as overcompensating for a previous error, and I’m just circling the drain. Eventually you will be able to compensate just the right amount for any error, just like when you are first learning to ride.

The thing you are doing wrong is not being patient until then!

ok, thanks.

I just started to learn to wheel walk yesterday. I practiced on a rubber running track so if i fell backwards it wouldn’t hurt as much. After about 2 hours straight I could wheel walk. It just takes practice. Don’t give up!

2 hours? :astonished:

That’s incredible!

It took me over an hour a day for a week.

Ya i’ve just put off learning to wheel walk for a while until now. My biggest fear was falling backwards and getting my feet stuck on the pedals and falling on my ass. However since I was learning on the soft rubber I think I progressed a lot faster because it didn’t really matter if I fell backwards.

It was the same with me, I put off learning for ages but when I finally decided to try I got it in a couple hours. Then I got a revolution of 1 foot wheel walk 2 days later.

Yeah, I was still a wee wobbly fledgling when I learned.:o

You may have figured this out already, but if dismounting off the back from a wheel walk, make sure your feet go outward before they go back. In other words, you want them to go around the pedals and then get under you. With a little practice that will become more or less automatic, and then you can get back to finding the sweet spot and wheel walking as long as you want.

As always, use the toe and heel edges of each foot, and remember to keep a space between them. Don’t crowd your feet too close together.

Thanks for all the feedback! Im prepaired to fall on my ass! Haha.

thanks, i will try that

Remove pedals

When I was learning to wheel walk I had the same problem, I found simply taking the pedals off worked a treat as it made it much easier to UPD backwards without falling over, so removed the fear of leaning back too much.
Although saying that I am now fairly competent at wheel walk so have put the pedals back on, but on the rare occasion I do try to UPD backwards sometimes my feet do get caught in the pedals as I got acclimatised to them not being there and I fall to the floor.


Hey all,

This is a generous community.

So after reading this thread (and three prior days of PUNISHING my calves, especially the backs, damn!) I took the pedals off my uni, and finished up the session wheel walking about 12 feet (after an hour). You all rock.

My advice, based on my limited experience:

Focus on a point on the ground (a leaf, or anything that can be concentrated on), move towards that point, and then shift your eyes to another point as you “lean” in another direction. This is how I learned to ride, and find it very helpful again. And shifting the hips in that direction, also important.

Don’t be afraid to “give 'er.” I found with the pedals on I was falling off almost always toward the front. Leaning back, and not being scared . . . key.

Good luck!

thanks, im getting much better!! Its raining out now so I cant practise yett =(