Wheel Walking

well im trying to learn to wheel walk… right now i cant take my feet off the pedals to pyut them on the wheel otherwise i fall

i can do one footed but evan so i dont have a t-fork as they call it so it is hard to put my foot of the crown i got an old torker with a rounded off crown so yea(im getting a new uni soon) any who i just cant figure out how to wheel walk plz help :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. i already did search and i couldnt find anything really helpful so uh yea just dont suggest searching…

i doubt you tried searching, cause i just did and within a few second look at what i find :astonished:


The power of the search!!!

well i admit i didnt look to hard…:stuck_out_tongue:

yep, hopefully that one helps, and afer you learn how to do that you an do a front ahndspring ont your uni for a kickass mount!!! woohoo! lol

i can barely do them not on a uni… plus ive got music on my comp and i cant figure out where its comeing from lol im still looking but yea it would be cool plus it helps(the link u gave me):wink:

this thread is killing me inside.

At the bottom of the thread page there are several similar threads with direct links. This is because you made a clear thread title. Making a clear thread title even does an automatic search for you.

didnt no that thank i check those
plus i sorta got what i wanted u dont have to post on this