wheel walking

I decided to try and learn how to wheel walk the other day, and I was wondering what the best way to learn is.

Barefoot+ceiling is my recommendation, although most riders would probably disagree with me. Try to find a low ceiling that you can reach without raising your arms to much, and without scaping your hands. You can use this to brace youself, and it works much better than a wall, because you can go in any direction, like you will once you’ve learned it. The ceiling works great for any wheel walking variation where you have your hands free. The advantage of working barefoot is that you get a lot better feel for the wheel. This is especially helpful if you have big, clumsy feet as I do, which require even bigger, clumsier shoes.

Wheel walk can take a while to learn, but it’s definitely worth it, as it is the key to lots of other unicycle tricks, such as gliding. The main things to remember, especially once you start working a way from the wall/ceiling are to go slow and lean back.

I’d agree with jsm on being barefoot, that helps a lot, plus it’s just fun to ride a uni with no shoes.
But I’d disagree with the ceiling part. Holding your hands above your head is an unnatural position for unicycling, so it doesn’t feel right… holding a wall though, you’re just sticking your arms out to the side which is normal.
Also, lean waaaay back, a lot further back than you think you should, and go reeeaally slow, a lot slower than you think you should.

Lean a bit back… [edit] ooops beaten to the Submit button
As jsm said, wheel walking opens a whole world of skills that you could try…