Wheel Walking

OK i learned hwo to wheel walk in 2 days with about 1 hour
per day but i can only go like 10 meters or so and the i start going really fast and fall off any suggestions or tips on how to fix this?


any body any help? please?


Lean back.

If your going to fast,lean back farther than you would think neccesary.And,of course,dont walk so fast.

I dont know about other people,but for me it helps to just lean my butt and the seat back,and put my upper body forward a little more.

There are some written tips on wheel walking at www.unicycle.2ya.com if you’re interested.


dont just kick the wheel. press your foot on it, move it forward, and then take it off. you have to be in control, not the unicycle. your foot will act as sort of a brake if you press hard enough as you “walk the wheel”. and go uncomfortably slow. hope this helps




Heels and hamstrings. Your hamstrings provide the braking power, and your heels are how you transfer it to the wheel. Practice letting your heels be part of the wheel-pushing process.

Practicing on a piece of uphill pavement can help you get your speed under control as well.

Learning to go REAL SLOW pays off once you move to 1 foot WWing and gliding, which by the sound of it you’ll be tackling next week . . .


is it alot harder on a 20 inch that a 28 inch becuase i gotta learn on my 28 becuase my 20 is broken, so do you think ill be able to do it when i get my 20

I’ve learned WW, 1ft WW and Gliding on a 24", and now that I have a 20" too, I think it’s easier to manage.
When I think of a 28", how much space would be left between your butt and the wheel? There should be at least some space, otherwise things might be very hard to do.


Thanks All