Wheel walking.

Could any of you help me with tips and techniques on wheelwalking. If any of you all know of sites that could help please tell me. I know it will take a lot of practice but I am willing. Thanks.

lean back further than you feel comfortable with

start by seeing how many time you can kick the wheel before you fall off, then try to break that record.

going up a slight incline will better position your legs and body weight

this one takes alot of practice!


Just some sites with Wheel Walk and differnt tricks on.


Toe to heel. Nice and slow. And for goodness sakes, lean back more!


One thing that helped me was going up a handicapped-access ramp that had handrails on both sides. I could touch the rails for balance, and w-w uphill is easier than on the flat (except for very steep hills where you have to use a lot of force). In that setup I also didn’t need to transition into w-wing. I think that knowing where you are going helps one learn the transition. However, it took me a long time to learn, so there may be faster ways.