Wheel Walking

How do i begin?

One foot and then the other (unless you want to learn one footed wheel walking first). Actually I am finding wheel walking surprisingly easy to learn (initially I thought it was very difficult). I’d suggest practising with a helmet, and wrist guards, and maybe try it on some flat grass or wood. You can learn on concrete but it is less forgiving. I saw some other people, Tony and Ken wheel walking, and after that I realised it must be easier than I had thought. I have heard over and over again, that you must lean further backwards than you would usually be comfortable with, in order to go slow enough to be in control. It is quite common to fall off the front when you learn, because it is easy to lean too far forwards, and the wheel goes faster and faster and you can’t keep up. When I improved (I still suck at it) I was thinking to myself, lean back, and toe-heel, toe-heel, or something like that how John Childs recommended. When you lean too far back it is not good because you become more vulnerable to slamming, but you have to learn a balance somehow. There have been many threads on this topic, check out this and that. Good luck Treepotato, have fun!

thanks i’ll need it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Lean back, slow down, take big steps, use your heels, swing your arms, buy lots of shoes.

practice on grass, i think the biggest mistake people make is going too fast. GO SLOW. the grass will keep your speed under control. also, lean back.

they said it before but let me stress it once more: lean back!

I found it very scarey to be leaning back that far when i was learning, but thats how i progressed. Good luck :slight_smile: