wheel walking

Just a word of encouragement for others who are slow learners (I am 48 which may
have something to do with it). I have been working on learning to wheel walk for
the past 15+ months. Progress is excruciatingly slow, but over time I have
progressed from not being able to sit on the seat without my feet on the pedals
to being able to regularly wheelwalk 5 to 15 meters. I can also do the
transition from riding to wheelwalking consistently, but have generally been
stymied by the transition from wheelwalking back to riding.

I wasn’t too worried about it; just figured that I would eventually be able to
do it when my control got good enough. So I just keep plodding along, practicing
it for a few minutes every day or two or whenever I get a chance to ride. About
3 weeks ago I did it for the first time and have since then done it about a
dozen times! My record is four times in one day and three times in a row. Some
days I can’t do it at all, but the trend is to slowly get better and I notice
improvement even when I can’t make the transition completely back to riding (I
can usually get at least one foot on the pedal, for example).

One of the things I like about unicycling is the sense of accomplishment and the
ability to improve at a skill at the same time in life that I find many of my
other physical skills diminishing (running slower, not jumping as high, etc.).
My long range goal is still to learn how to glide. I want to be able to go down
those hills without pedaling!

Scott Arnold

–Scott, Jody, Vjera, Luke, Hope, Thad, and Simon Arnold

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