wheel walking?

where to start to learn to wheel walk? 1 foot? 2 foot?

btw i can quite easily i foot peddle with both feet with no problem if that helps


If you search for “wheel walking tutorials” on the home page you’ll get a lot of stuff.
What helps me is to sit really straight up in the seat.

The search function is pretty grand. Just sayin’

But anyway, I found it helpful to start the wheel up against a gutter or brick. That way you can mount into the wheel walking position without the uni rolling out from beneath you.

when i learned how to wheel walk i held onto a lamppost and put my feet into position. when i felt comfortable doing that then just pushed off, keep practising and it wont take long! :slight_smile:

Some may say to not look at your feet but I think it helps. Like if you just glace down with your eyes it makes you “foot acuracy” better.

^ fixing your eyes on an object or the horizon always helps with balance, but I always glance down at my feet when wheelwalking. I guess it’s how I learned :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got a nice tutorial on YouTube. I think the link to my videos is still in my sig.

I’ve been to the point where I think I’m close to doing it very often. I often managed 7 steps, but not once 8.

Thanks to your tutorial I think it might be the leaning back thing.

Next time I’ll put on a helmet and back protector, which will make it easier for me to lean back.

glad to help. Thanks for posting the video again haha I was going to post it just now if no one else had yet. When i replied to this thread I was posting from my phone so I couldn’t then.