wheel walking update

I’ve been practicing a bunch at my wheel walking, and my big feet are still hitting each other.
I’ve decided to skip that and go for 1-foot WW, which feels alot better ( i’m more balanced above the uni and my kicks are better)
i’ve been doing that with the right foot on the pedal and the left on the wheel, but i started going across my garage w/ right foot on the frame and left foot pushing
i can get 3-5 steps, the first of which is assisted, the rest off of the garage
it feels really good, but i cannot get into this WW from riding or from a free mount, only against the wall, any tips?
i’ve tried walking w/ the left foot on the wheel and waiting until the right foot (on the pedal) reaches the top then putting it on the frame, but i keep falling

anyways, i’m HOOKED w/ this 1-foot WW business
i did a glide for a few feet in the middle of WWing and it was SOOOOO cool!!!

does it seem outrageous/dumb/odd to skip 2-foot WW? my main objective is to be able to glide well, so it seemed an obvious thing to do for me since 1-foot is easier (for me at least)


does anyone find it odd that i skipped normal wheel walking?
is it a bad idea?
is it common, has anyone else done this to get to gliding faster?

alick did… i think. i will ask him l8r.

Re: bump:

If it works,it works.Good for you.

I learened ww first,then 1 footww and at the same time gliding,IMO gliding was easier to learn than 1fww,I had a hard time with that.

After 3 weeks of 1fww/gliding,Its been months since I normal wwed,I can barely do it.It seems much harder.(although if I just practiced it it wouldnt be so hard)