Wheel walking tips.

Can any of you give me some more tips about wheelwalking. It seems my feet always bunch together and hit each other on my 20". I don’t wanna have to get a bigger tire and I want to learn it on my 20". I know you are suppose to lean back a little further than normal. Any more tips?

toe to heel. yes, it can be done on a 20".

btw, if you do a search, i can promise you tomes of threads written about wheel walking. there isn’t really much of a need for a thread unless you need an answer that has not been thoroughly discussed earlier. Im doubtful you will find any new suggestions for wheel walking that you couldn’t already find using the search tool. It is amazingly helpful, i strongly suggest you try it.

look, i did a search for just threads with the term “wheel walking” in their title, and i came up with 56 results!! check it out, im sure you can find more here than you’ll ever want to know.


if for some odd reason none of the 56 threads (each with about 10 replies) does not address your issue, feel free to make a new thread about it. good luck in your wheel walking quest :slight_smile:



Well I worked on wheelwalking all day today. I can finally go about 5 to 10 feet. Woooooooohoooooooo!!! I know yall think its not much but hey its a start. I have a question for all of you. Is it bad to look down at the wheel when going? I now can pretty much manage how far to lean back. I leaned back too far once and the peddle caught behing my leg and I fell on my backside. Any more tips are welcome.

Anyone have a reply? Anyone?

Toe, heel. Toe, heel. Toe, heel. Toe, heel.

And read the tips and hints on this page: Wheel Walking