wheel walking story's please

could you people please help teach me to wheel walk by telling my your wheel walking story’s and how you learned to do it or what helped you learn to do it? thanks to anyone who responds.

methinks that what works best is this:
get next to a wall, like you always do when learning a new skill.
put the cranks up and down so the wheel can’t move.
take your top foot off the top pedal and put it on the wheel.
hold the wheel still with foot 1 as you take the bottom foot, hereafter reffered to as foot 2, and put that on the wheel as well.
start to wheelwalk, while still holding on to the wall or fence or whatever.
do it again till you can wheelwalk okay with the wall.
try going away from the wall now.

more tips
lean back, much further than you think you should
I find it’s easier to control if you’re going up hill, because then you won’t conciously need to think about leaning back.
go slooooow.
use your arms for balance.
I think that’s it.
good luck.