Wheel Walking questions

I’ve been trying to learn this, and I wasn’t getting anywhere until I started pushing around a shopping cart in an empty parking lot…when I suddenly went up to about 100 or 200 feet within half an hour…but as soon as I let go, I fall.
And occasionally, the uni slips out in front of me…and instead of just falling out in front, it rolls a foot or so, hits the cart, and then the seat painfully rams into the front of my crotch. So, I’m thinking this might not be the best idea.

Something about which I’m a little confused:
When I’m WW, and I push down with my one foot, do I want to stop the unicycle with my foot before my other foot takes over, or am I trying to keep the uni going forward as I switch foots, to keep it smother?

Sounds like an indication you’re swimming… or not sitting with your full weight in the seat. Which is -when learning- fair, since you feel safe when applieng much force on the tire (to have many grip/contact). But maybe too much?
As you answer yourself; yes, you should keep the rotating motion smooth when swopping feet.
You may want to have a look here and here.

i had a little trouble w/ the first link. the movie just showed the logo, then it was dun.

The first one worked for me but not the second one.


real-movie of ww

windowsmedia-movie of ww

quicktime-movie of ww

flash-movie of ww