Wheel walking= *munt*

I’ve been working on wheel walking for over a month now and my progress has been muntable. Why can’t I do it?!?!?!

How long did it take you guys? And what am I doing wrong?

Post a vid of your attempts…That may help us correct your form.

it took me a long time to learn it too, just remember that you have to be leaned back farther than you might think to keep balance.

It’s hard man for me it’s the muscles I’m not used to it and get tired.

Don’t worry mate i’ve made little progress either :frowning:
My best attempt it sprinting on the wheel for 7 metres and then 2 foot glide for half a meter and then fall off :stuck_out_tongue:

It took me about a year of on and off attempts to actually get it down. What I found to be the most help is to go slowly and try not to fall off the front. Dont try to push the wheel to make it keep up with you, think of it more as using your feet to keep the wheel from shooting out in front of you.

Yeah, it’s taken me like 3 or 4 months. The biggest help for me was in realizing that in addition to pushing the wheel forward, you also need to pull the wheel back towards you slightly sometimes to balance yourself upright.

I’m having ww problems too, but i haven’t really been practising it much so i’m not too worried.

Well I allways tell anyone just to lean back, most hte time you fall because you cant kepe the wheel moving fast enough cause your thinking to lean forward just like when you learned to ride…Just try leaning back scarely far and keep control with your feet, use your heals to slow you down if you have to. Just dont go oober fast!

I’ve been working on WW off and on for about a year. Still not that great at it. My advice is to make sure you’re not just trying to throw the wheel forward as fast as you can. Get a good grip with your shoe as you move the wheel forward in a controlled manner. Put your toes on the top of the tire just before your other heel leaves the bottom part of the tire. Take it slow - learning is about technique, not distance.

One thing I personally found useful is to have the seatpost a little higher than you’d have it when you’re doing hops.

Thanks for that guys. Yeah I’ve been told to lean back before…I usually forget to :stuck_out_tongue: I do have some wheelwalking videos but I cant be bothered uploading em.

1 year??!?! i thought it’d take a week! I’m only doing it so I can learn to glide afterwards.

Glidings fun but till you can you fail! JK:)
It takes a lot of work but gliding is extremely fun!

haha! Yea you’d need at least a month or so on average to be proficient. After that you’d learn to one foot wheelwalk and THEN comes gliding.

You unicyclists never give up with the "THEN"s do you?

“I know you want to jump off that fridge but first you have to be able to ride a bike” blah blah blah

“Befor you learn to unicycle you must be able to walk on your hands then you have a hope!”

last winter it took 3-4 months for me to learn to ww. I went all summer practicing 1ft ww and am still a little sketchy at it. I started all this to transition into gliding also and I’m still not there yet.

its taken me about 4 hours of practicing and know im able to do it quite well

How is this helping?