Wheel Walking help

Okay. So i can now wheel walk, but i can’t go from wheel walking to riding. Just don’t see how you can get your feet off of the wheel to the pedals. Any tips?

I put my left leg down first. I look down, see when the left pedal is in the down position then put my left leg down (by this time the pedal is back) then my right leg and ride away…I think it would be personal preference as to when you put your feet down though, just look down and experiment with different pedal positison until you find one that feels comfortable. Thats what I did.

I’ll assume you’re bringing your right foot down first, for sake of convenience. Try to glance at the pedals while you’re wwing, and get an idea of where the right pedal is. When it’s coming down in front, between vertical all the way up and horizontal, take your right foot off the wheel and set it on the pedal. As soon as your right foot is planted solid, bring your left foot down to the other pedal, while pushing down with the right, so the left pedal is nearly at the top when your left foot touches it. Then ride off. Eventually, you can go from wwing to the pedals no matter where the pedals are, as long as you know where they are. Try not to watch the pedals too much; just glance briefly at them to get and idea of their position.