wheel walking help

im a trying to learn how to ww and the transition from riding to wwing i cant seem to get. How ever far i learn back when i touch the wheel with my sole of my shoes i fall forward…??

Try and ride slowly into the transition, as your foot gets to the top of the cycle put it on the wheel and push at the same speed as your other foot is going on the pedal. then when the other foot is at the top put it on the wheel and start walking that wheel!
Have fun!!

If you’re falling forward, you’re not leaning back far enough. Yeah, it’s scary, but you gotta fall backwards before you find the “sweet spot”. Wear your helmet, some elbow guards and a backpack to protect yourself!

Here’s a thread thread that I started a while ago about pretty much the same thing. I hope it helps. If you practice and practice, you will get it.
Good luck!

Yea I was the same way when I was learning to ww. You need to lean back farther than you think. Try it a few times and I bet you can get it.

Awesome - it never occurred to me to use a backpack as armor.

Put two pillows in it!