wheel walking experimentations

Well I decided to try to wheel walk my coker a few days ago and I posted that video all over, but today I tried to wheel walk my 3 wheeled giraffe, it was fun and really scary because it was so slow then I got all my unicycles and wheel walked them in sequence then I tried to splice the clips together, it worked ok after the transition from giraffe to coker but I bumped the camera in the begining so the coker and giraffe shots don’t line up right. Hope you like the videos, just one question… I am going crazy or is it normal to try wheel walking all my unicycles?

The last one was pretty creative I thought.

it could have been better if I’d had someone to run the camera for me though because you could have actually followed me as my unicycle changed and there wouldn’t have been that jump at the begining…

Nice work there Madison, keep up the good work my good friend. :smiley:

Madison be-eth the almighty lord of wheelwalking.
You’ve come a long way from when we were chilling out last. :stuck_out_tongue:

No I’m not…

…that was awesome!!

But you can go off curbs without holding onto someone now which is sweet.

I can’t go very far after I go off the curb yet though… I still need to work on that.

What is the name of the song in this clip? It’s what they use on my school’s news program and I’ve been dying to know what it’s called.

Far 30 by FreePlay Music

You should really but more effort into getting your feet back on the pedals. I would be more impressed if you wheel walked one rev and rode away, then wheel walking 10 revs and falling.

Yeah I’m working on it I just wanted to see how far I could actually go, I can get back to the pedals on my 20" unicycles I’m just not quite there on my giraffe or coker.