Wheel Walk Unicycle. (Home Made)

Like to see a chav try to ride away on this!

No Cranks.
No Peddals.
Long Neck (If it had peddals you couldn’t reach 'em)
A drum break
A bent back frame (Like on a bike)
And a Grippy tyre!
And blocky spoke things.

The Wheel Walk Unicycle. (Can you think of a better name as its not technicly a “cycle”)

As its so tall its hard to free mount. So how I do it, Is, I run with it and start to sit on it as I’m running then I press the break which gets me on it and then I start to wheel walk.
Or you could put the break on. Then put your foot in one of the spokes and climb up.

I can wheel walk it.
One footed wheel walk it
Im starting to get the hang of idling it by rocking it back and forth when i have my feet on the spokes.
I can’t coast on a normal unicycle so I don’t know abotu coasting.

Sorry about the crappy photos ;[ i’ll take some better ones.

I would’ve never thought of such a thing. Where did you get it?

Now if only it weighed 300 pounds, it would be virtually theft proof.:slight_smile:

I had the idea for unicycle with no cranks or peddals, a long neck and a grippy tyre.

Then my dad made it :smiley: but also added a drum break for mounting, a bent back frame and the cool spokes. Perfect.

Max Dingemanns in Minneapolis has a similar unicycle. He called it a ‘coasting unicycle’ and his had no brakes but BMX foot pegs on the axle. The foot pegs made it possibly easier to mount than your design and also made more tricks, especially coasting ones, possible.

I tried making a similar unicycle for high speed gliding, but it didn’t work out too well, I have more control with pedals.

Still they are fun to play around with.

Great work,innovative and home-made it doesn’t get better than that.:slight_smile:

Put a couple pegs/plates on it and you’d have what we were talking about on the BC thread.

So my guess is it’s a bike fork mated to a seat post… and you happened to have that wheel with the brake in it? I guess it’s handy to have the thick spokes if you use them to idle too… kinda cool.

Might try that… hmm.

The Wheel Walk Unicycle. (Can you think of a better name as its not technicly a “cycle”)Wheel walk uni. That takes out the “cycle” part if you don’t like it. Or Wwuni, which I don’t like and totally don’t recommend.

Note it should also be an excellent gliding uni as well, due to the nice fork rake that leaves more room for your feet up there!

Two words people commonly spell wrong, but that are important to us cyclists. They even get spelled wrong in the press!

  • Break: opposite of fix
  • Brake: to stop with
  • Peddle: to sell
  • Pedal: screws into a crank arm

Please make a note of it.