Wheel walk to riding

Dirk Iwema writes:

>Transition to riding:
>HELP. I have been trying this for a while now and can’t get it. If anyone has
>any tips on how to get back on the pedals, please post them. Not having anyone
>else around to give pointers for these skills is holding me back.

I can sympathize with this as it was one of the last things I had to learn in
time to take my Level 5 exam at NUC. It was tough!

At first, I had hold my head in an interim position between head up/eyes forward
(for better sense of balance) and head down/eyes on wheel (to see where the
pedals were). Being left handed, I tend to wait for the left pedal to just pass
forward of 12 o’clock and put my left foot on it, then I “know” where the other
pedal is by feel. I seem to be forward of the wheel when this happens to it’s
natural to just push down and roll forward.

With practice I find I can ride looking forward and simply glance down just
before I make the transition and go the last partial rev with my head down.
There is a subtle shift of balance in this movement which comes with practice.

Tom Miller tells me he puts his dominant foot on the pedal as it begins rising
from 6 o’clock on the back side. I guess that’s just a matter of preference
though. The important part is to get a foot on that first pedal and regain
control of the wheel.

As with many uni moves, it seems to be better to wait a bit than to hurry up.
That moment when you take one foot off the tire and go for a pedal is one of
those times.

Also concentrate on breathing while you wheel walk. Oxygen to the brain is a
great advantage when you have to think fast. :wink:

Hope this helps Dennis