Wheel Walk Mounting/Starting

How do you mount to wheel walk or start wheel walking in the middle of riding? I can’t figure it out.

It is possible to do both, I found it easier to begin by riding slowly into it, So the wheel so already rolling and I have a bit of ballance. When your prefered foot reaches its highest point, transfer it to your wheel, push and then when the next foot reaches to top, do the same. A static ww mount is slightly harder, put your prefered foot on the top of the wheel, with your ankle on the crown of the frame, and then as you lift your other foot up push the wheel with your first foot. When you do it it is easier to have slow, long pushes to keep your speed and ballance.

Have fun!

I can’t wheel walk but practiced some today. Maybe I’m weird, but I prefer to put my non-dominant foot on the wheel first. Well, it shouldn’t matter much.

Can you ride one-footed? I think that helps pretty much, you’ll learn how to move one of the feet from the pedal (and put it on the tire when you wheel walk).

I didn’t have much success starting static, maybe 26" is a little bit too large? That’s how it felt. Anyway, check this tutorial to see how to do it. It should answer other questions regarding ww as well.

Good luck to both of us. :wink:

Yeah, i can, both ways.

Thanks for the link, now i can start from riding and my record is 12 “foot pushes”

How do you ride one footed, I always get stuck in the dead position. Closly followed by falling off. :roll_eyes:

  • Have more weight on the seat.

  • Keep your pedaling smooth as possible (have one hard pedal at the start then try to let the wheel roll with your foot on the pedal rather than you pushing he pedal all the time).

  • Assuming your pedals are grippy, point your foot down/forwards on the upstroke (when you are bringing the pedal up behind you).

I will try and take a video of how to mount into wheelwalk. It’s really easy, and I actually learned how to do it by running into gliding.

If you know the proper body position and balance point of wheelwalking then jumping or standing directly into it is really easy.

Basically put the seat in like you are about to mount, then place your dominant foot on the tire, lift yourself up the same way you would mount, and once you hit that balance point start to wheel walk.

Try to ride with both feet on the pedals but put as little weight as possible on one of the sides. Basically ride with one foot but both feet on pedals.

When you feel comfortable doing that, remove one of the feet and pedal a rev one footed, then put your foot back. Do this until it feels natural.

Finally, instead of putting the remove foot back on the pedal, move it to the frame and continue to ride one footed.

That’s how I learned (yesterday actually) how to ride one footed with my left foot. With my right, it was more “put the left foot on the frame and ride as long as you can before falling off”.

Definitely put your foot on the frame. Practice where it’s relatively flat. And once you have it with one foot, try learning the other way, it’s pretty quick to learn. Also try one foot idling, that’s pretty quick too.

I forgot to mention that; the faster you go to start off with the easier the wheel should roll when you take one of your feet off. You could try 1 foot idling (as mentioned above) to get used to having your foot on the frame.

ok so i was practicing wheel walking today. Once i get going for a couple of seconds i find that i speed up, and end up falling off in the front. I thought i could solve it by leaning back more but i always just end up falling off back instead. And once i start speeding up i find it extremely hard to use my feet to slow down. Any tips?

just slow down from the beginning and keep practicing, practice where it’s flat. You might want to wheel walk along a fence or wall, just to get a better feel for the balance n stuff.
BTW, I just made a new record: 22 pushes. woo!:slight_smile:

i have a rounded frame so it is hard to put my foot on the frame

Ok today I did some ww, and I can get 6 and half pushes, do you have any tips on how to better that?

push slowly and steady, using your whole foot from toe to heel. also lean back. It feels really uncomfortable at first but it helps slow yourself down, getting more pushes in