Wheel Walk and Skill Levels

As Chairman of the IUF Skill Levels and Rules Committee, though I cannot
say for sure what will happen, it is more than likely that the IUF will
adopt its skill levels to stay in line with those of the USA. However,
when we do it, it will be through our committee, with a chance for all
interested parties to have their say. When this is done, the skill
levels will probably be back in line again.

    Some additional advice for walking the wheel. Add this to the fine post
    from Ken Fuchs. Foot position is very important. I've seen people walk
    the wheel with toes pointed out, and feet straight ahead, but never
    with toes pointed in. I think most fast wheel walkers have their feet
    straight, because this allows the whole foot to help in the process,
    from heel to toe, and straight feet are less likely to collide with
    each other.

    Don't let your toes bang into your heels. It's very important to have at
    least a couple of inches between your heels & toes as they walk, so this
    doesn't happen. One little bump, and your feet are off the wheel, which
    can lead to what we call "unintentional coasting."

    Lastly, remember that wheel walking is a slow skill. You will be going a
    lot slower than when you ride normally. This slow speed will require you
    to be more aware of your balance, and may require more arm movement than
    you normally use, at least while learning. The world record for wheel
    walking 30 meters is 8 seconds, by Yuichiro Kato of Japan. Happy
    walking, all!

John Foss, President International Unicycling Federation unifoss@cerfnet.com
voice: (516)731-7613