wheel swap combo questions

So, I am still pretty new at this unicycling thing ( I can ride though!) but I already have the urge to go out and buy MORE unicycles!

I am now riding an Onza trials, my only unicycle, but I tried my friend’s Torker and I now definitely appreciate the shorter cranks and slick tire.

I figure that if I get a KH 24" I could put a Gazz tire and have a pretty much 26" effective diameter MUni, put a 26" rim with street tire to have a town cruiser, and a 24" rim and tire to have a 24" freestyle. (This is just going by pictures though!)

I could then, with the Onza, put a 20" wheelset and freestyle tire for a 20" freestyle uni and keep the 20" Onza wheelset for a trials uni.

Effectively five unis with two frames.

Of course, some of the variations would not be “ideal” but they should work. The only thing left to get would be a Coker, some giraffes, and multi wheelers. Maybe I am getting too far ahead of myself.

Is there a freestlyle tire and wheel that one could put on the Onza 20" frame that would reduce the frame to tire clearance more than others?

This seems like a good way to get a lot of uni for not as much $$$.

Any problems with my logic here? What am I missing?


I am in the process of doing a wheel swap combo right now. I have a nice 20 inch Bedford freestyle uni which I have started hopping and dropping on. This is moving ever closer to uni-abuse as my skill improves and my heights increase. But never fear, there is a Monty wheelset in the mail hurtling its way toward my post box as I type… ok, ok, so maybe that’s more like crawling towards my address via Canada Post.

Anyways, more to the point, I intend to swap the freestyle wheelset with the trials wheelset and there you have it, two uni’s in one - sort of. :smiley:

It is great to not have to buy a whole other uni for doing Trials. Not only is money an issue here but, believe it or not, even storage space. It doesn’t take much room to store a spare wheel… yeah, I know how much room does it take to store a whole uni? … but still, if you want to get picky, it still takes less space to just store just the wheel.

So, by this time next week I shall have the option of 20 inch freestyle or 20 inch trials requiring only mere minutes it takes to fuss a little with the bearing cap covers. Cool



That sounds like a really nice setup. The only problem for me with doing something like that is that it’s easy to get the rim, tyre and spokes through Australian distributors (avoiding shipping from America) but there’s only two hub and cranks options. One is the Profile setup (which I have on my custom muni) and the other is a cheap set that I have on my other uni (20") and are bent. Next on my list though is a coaster uni (easy to make from scraps) and a seated hand-driven unicycle (a future project).


I tried that on the Pashley. I had a road wheel and an off-road wheel. Somehow when I got to switching I was always too lazy. I finally gave up on the idea. Now I have the off-road and a Coker.

As John Foss said, “Hooks!”

Yeah, true enough that actually doing the switching of the wheels may not happen. But I still like the idea that I didn’t have to buy a ‘whole new uni’. Seat, seat post, pedals and frame are all perfectly fine from the freestyle and it is exciting to know that with Monty rim, Monty tire, stainless spokes, and Suzue hub to throw on as one unit, I’ve got myself a fine Trials uni.


hub width?

one thing you have to watch out for is the width of the hub. i’m no expert but apperantly trials uni’s usually come with a slighty wider hub than most freestyles. i’m almost certainly wrong!
if so though, u have to bend the frame to accomadate the different sizes, just a warning!

Erin –

Well the Pashley frame is more troublesome to swap than the main cap style. Sounds like you have a good setup there!

Freestyle, offroad, cruizer…your going to be changing alot.

Your first unicycle was on onza! No fair!!

I swap wheels in and out of my Telford frame all the time. Right now I have a Monty wheel, a 24" with a Gazz 3" tire, a 26" with a Nokian WXC300 Studded Ice Tire (my current favorite), and a 700c with a Continental 48mm tire.

The main cap bearing holders make swapping easy. I just keep cranks and pedals on all the different wheels.

David Maxfield
Mitchell, SD