Wheel sizes

I just purchased a custom muni frame from Ebay and I’m not sure what wheel size it is intended to use. From the center of the bearing holder to the inside of the crown is 13.25 inches. I’m wondering if anyone would be willing to measure their 26 inch wheels to see if it would fit.


It all depends on what size of tire you use. The outside diameter will vary greatly for the same “diameter” of tire depending on the width. Check this chart for the exact tire you are interested in:
The link gives OD in mm but you can concert to inches.

Also before you get to far make sure that you can find a hub with the correct bearing spacing and diameter to match that nonstandard frame.
Another thread with a little about that frame:

Thanks for the link. I know diameter is affected by rim width and tire size but I was just trying to get a general number to see if it was designed for a 26 inch wheel or a 24 inch one. As for the hub, the measurements given by the seller indicate that it should take a standard 100mm hub. I’m hoping that’s the case but i suppose I’ll have to wait and see. P.s. that thread is why I decided to buy the frame.

On the chart it looks like you could go up to a 24inch MTB/BMX 3.00 inch with a little over 1/4" of clearance if the frame is wide enough. A 26inch mtb 1.95 inch would be about the same diameter. I’d guess it was originally intended for a 24" wheel.

Thanks again for the info. I’m going to wait for the frame to show up before buying anything else. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself and not have everything fit together.

After using the live message on unicycle.com I found out that their 26 inch muni has 14.5 inch fork legs. So you were correct that it is intended for a 24 inch wheel. Thanks for your help and shout out to Josh from unicycle.com for his help as well.

Based on that 2002 photo from the other thread, it looks like we were all riding 24", which was very popular at the time with the wide, downhill tires. While the guy with the green frame looks like he has a bigger wheel, I think he’s just closer to the camera. In those days, the 3" version of 26" tires were very big; closer to 28". So I’m almost positive what you want is a wide 24" tire.

Yeah he had a gazzaloddi tire on which came in 24x3 and 26x3 from what I can tell. A 26x3 would definitely not fit. The frame showed up and if it’s homemade it’s an absolute marvel. The crown is machined out a solid piece of aluminum and the brake mount and the bearing holder are one piece as well. Unfortunately it doesn’t take anything standard. I had to order special bearings and the seat tube is 28mm so I’ll have to shim it to take a 27.2