Wheel size

Hey, I’ve been riding for 6 months. I have a torker CX and I broke the pedal off the crank numerous time. I finally stripped the crank and then tried to glue it back in but just broke it off again about 5 min ago. My mom says she will get me a new uni for christmas. However, I pretty much know that I want a Torker DX, i just dont know what size wheel. I’m into to street riding and trials. I like Dan Heatons style. I have a 20 inch right now but I’m wondering if a 24 inch would be better. Thanks!

as always it depends what you’d be doing on it, for muni you want the 24 and for trials you want the 19. Neither one is better they are basically the same so it all comes down to preference. Personally I would go for the 19’’

19inch? I thought they only made 20’s. Anyways, Im gonna be doing street/trials like Dan Heaton. I think im gonna get the 20 but im just making sure since its a $260 uni.

They call it 20 most of the time, but the rim itself is actually only 19". Street/Trials riding would be way better with the smaller rim, and that seems like it’s what you’re into, so I’d go with that.

yeah what he said, 19" is trials size. Basically the rim is abit smaller (19" to be exact) and so you can fit a much wider tyre, in fact ther are only a few modded 19" tyres (Maxxis Creepy Crawler, Luna, Try-all 2.5", and monty eagle-claw)

Its made so that the tyres can be alot fatter and wider and so have alot more air and so more bounce.

Its what you need for trials and street.

It seems you all agree that a 19inch is good for trials, but is it good for street also??? What about offroad? I’m not super into MUni but i do occasionally go offroad. Comments?

19" is perfect for street too. Look at shaun, Xav, and all the other street/flatland riders. They have 19" setups.

For off road, its still good, its not fast at all on offroad stuff, but youll be able to go through all the technical parts a lot easier than a bigger wheel would.

Awesome. Just wondering, in the Defect movie, Dan Heaton rides a uni with an orange rim, is that a 20inch Torker DX? Also in “Syko’s Random crap” Dan Rides a blue frame uni, which one is that?

The blue one’s a KH 20". The orange one should be a Koxx Orange Bud.

how much does the Koxx orange bud cost?

in the 500$ish range it’s up with the kh’s and stuff

yeah the koxx red devil is pretty much the same but with a different seat and a eyeletted rim so abit lighter… and its abit cheaper than the orange bud…

koxx-one is abit cheaper than KH but harder to get in the us. Try division8.ca

the orange bud is said to be at 440 euros so abit more in dollars, like 580 or sommit Jeez the dollar is low!

the red devil is at 350 euros so 462 US dollars.

Frankly i think that the orange bud and dan heaton is overpriced since all they have is a non eyeletted rim, for extra strength but more weight… i mean thats fair enough, a different seat… exactly the same just different pattern

different pedals and different cranks (abit shorter)

the cranks are nice but they are sold individually only a few more pounds than the normal Koxx isis trials cranks.

It can be, you just need shorter cranks. I tend to be at the front of the pack on my 19", but thats because all of the 24 riders are on 150 mm or bigger cranks.

The problem with a smaller wheel in muni is that you cantt roll over stuff as much and you will be doing alot more jumping and hopping than your larger wheel counterparts.

This is why I’m building up a 26" muni with 137mm cranks. Not only will I have a big wheel but they will be short cranks so I can fly.

19" wheels are better for street because with unispins [which is a part of a lot a street tricks and is a street trick itself] you dont have to move your legs out as far. And just with every trick you wont have to move as much as you would with a 24". And with trials 19" is better because it makes it lighter and more manuverable. Hope that helps

I really want to get a Torker DX for street riding, but I’m wondering if it’s too heavy to manuver in the air. Is this true?

The DX is only about 2 pounds heavier than the KH.

You will feel those 2 pounds being added on, but it really doesnt make a difference. Youll be able to do all the unispins and crankflips you want.


Yeah get a dx and get good on it and then get a way nice one someday like a kh so that you will have a good excuse for such a nice uni. Unlike me. But don’t get me wrong I love my kh but I wish I was better on it.

how much is the dx in kilograms. please

KH + ~4.5Kg

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