Wheel size

>From: Beirne Konarski on Tue, Mar 7, 1995 12:22
>>I’m going through size shift now. I’ve been riding a 24" Schwinn since the
>>70’s, and a 28" UF since last February. I got the 20" Miyata because I felt
>>like I was hitting the skill wall with the 24" model… I practiced on the
>20" >model for a while, then later when I got on the 28" UF it was like
>climbing >stairs until I adjusted. I’ll be glad when I am used to all three.
>I’d just like to know… do these sizes, such as 20", 24", 28" etc refer to the
>wheels as I suspect? Or to some part of the overall height?

This refers to the diameter of the tire, measured from surface-to-surface.


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Re: Wheel size

Well, you know what they say about the size of your wheel… :wink:

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