wheel size help

hey unicyclers! how are ya this summer?!!

Well i got a little question that im trying to find out about.

whats better?

a 20 inch wheel

a 24 inch wheel

a 26 inch wheel

or anyother wheel size i have not included

Also, how is it better, please i would like to know what kind of wheel i should get for my next unicycle. I would like to have information like a larger wheel size is better for excersizing but a smaller one is better for… and so on.

I just have no idea what kind to get! And, no i don’t want one for excersizing… but i have not yet thought of what kind of uni i want, like a trial uni or a muni, i don’t know, so please, i would like information on all kinds of wheels, wheel sizes, and what kind of unis they are good for, what they are good for, etc.



Well what kind of riding do you want to do? What kind of uni do you have now?

If you want to do Freestyle then get a 20" with a skinny tire

If Trials is your pleasure then a Trials uni with a afat tire is for you.

For Muni 24" with a fat tire is the prefered size but 26" is excellent for Muni too.

For distance riding a 29er would be good.

And for LONG distances or commuting then a Coker(36") is recomended

take your pick and tell us how it turns out:)


help has arrived!!!

Hey my summer is going great .How bout u?

First I need u to answer some of my questions.

How old are u?

How long have u been riding.

Do u belong to a club?

If so what is it called?

What level are u on?

Do you prefer unicycling in routines and shows, racing, pleasure riding, pleasure riding on paved rails, or off road and downhill\uphilll? (Mountain)

These will help me to figure out ur wheel size.

20in: Used for tricks and freestyle routines. You would probably get more of a workout on this one. I would recommend this one if you were not going to be doing a lot of racing.

24in: Used for racing. This goes faster than 20in. The bigger the wheel the faster it goes. Usually adults will use this size for pleasure riding.

26in: Used for racing. I do not usually see these but I suppose u could use these for racing.

36in: Used mostly for pleasure riding. Some races allow these but almost none do. Also known as coker. Goes very fast but easy to pedal once you get going.Used for very long distances.

Trials: Use for trials competion and hopping on and over things. Very fun, but I would not recommend this to a beginner.

Muni: Used for downhill and uphill. Also used for unicycling down mountains and offroad. Very fun, but I would not recommend this to a beginner.

Im sorry but i have to disagree… A beginner can do anything he or she wants if they set their minds to it. Trials and Muni arent dangerous if you prepare yourself properly. Ive been doin Trials since i could mount and Muni doesnt mean you ahve to carreen down a hill full speed jumping over logs and squiching sqirrels it can just be a nice trial ride on the mountain side like XC riding.

Bigger is faster.
Smaller is stronger.
Bigger is heavier.
Smaller is lighter.

What was it you wanted to use that wheel for? There have been many tons of discussion on this topic. Some say 20" is the best size to learn on, but 24" is not much different. 26" is probably a little harder but not out of the question. Was it for learning to ride? You’ve got to help us out here!

Until then I’ll leave you with this:

Which is better, paper or plastic?

Yes’ important needed info is needed, like your experience/ability level,type(s) of unis preasantly owned, type of terrain intended, and intended purpose.

I suspect this is your second uni after your learner (20"?). If so I’d get a 24" Muni and a skinny road tire. I started there then got a 16" w/ a long seat post to offer a stepping stone to harder tricks.

Here are some ideas if you want a multi-purpose uni:
If you want to do trials and frestyle get a trials + a skinny, road tire.

For trials and mountain, get a 24" Muni. Add a skinny road tire and you can ride resonably quick on the road, and still do freestyle (a bit harder, though).

A 26" is faster, yet. And for Muni it rolls over small bumps, ruts, roots, etc. better than a 24".

A 29" is even more of the same.

A 36" (Corker) is the fastest and primarily used for long distances.

I saw a 48" classic replica on the net somewhere, which would be even faster.

On top of these choices you could get a geared uni (1:1.5), and I believe they only sell them in 24" and 29", but you could match this hub up to any uni you want (the jury is still out on if it can take the beating of muni or trials). The cost of one of these would be $1,000-$2,000.

So to summarize the larger the wheel, the higher the top speed and better rolling over bumps, but harder to ballance especially at low speeds. :sunglasses:

- Green Thumb:D


wow! thanks for all this info!

Im sorry i didn’t really tell you much in the begining.

I’ve been unicycling about a year now, and i can pretty much go where ever you want me to go as long as i don’t have to hop, or ride on a pole, grinds, you know.

I was thinking that i might want a muni because its all strong and will last longer… but then i recently learned this. munis are for rough terrain, and rough terrain only. If your goin on the street, munis arn’t very good. so i reconsidered this. i don’t do alot of muniing so i need something thats good for riding on the road.

Now, i am starting to learn how to hop and do tricks. I like hoping, and im trying to do one foot riding and tricks, its fun, but i suck at it. Ill get better hopefully! I don’t want to race, but i don’t want to be so slow that all my buddys who want to go somewhere with me have to walk, ya know?

So this is what i was thinking. Something inbettween trails, freestyle, not too slow, but i don’t wanna excersize either (haha, sad i know :-))

and wowunigirl, i am 13 years old, im riding more than 1 year, no i don’t belive im in any club, and what the heck do u mean im in any level? im goin to 8th grade if thats what you mean:-D

Sorry guys for this thread, i just really would like to know and i can’t ask my dad because he didn’t even know what a unicycle was what i told him i would like one!!!

thanks a lot for your help, really really really thanks!



hold on there skilewis74!

no, this is my very first unicycle, and my only unicycle… the one as my avatar or whatever.

oh and one more thing. i learned that having a flat crown is better than a curved crown. does this affect what kind of uni you buy? oh oh oh, and one more thing :-D. When i went to unicycle.com, i was very suprised to find unicycles $500+!! i freaked out. is there any way to geta nice unicycle without paying all your money for one?

thanks soooooo much!!!


you can buy unis from unicycle.com that are $1900+

You don’t have to put all your money into it, their are plenty less expensive models. It sounds like you would want a street uni. It would be a trials unicycle(20" fat wheel), but with shorter cranks(like 125mm.) This would work for freestyle stuff, hopping, but would be a little bit slow. that’s the bad thing about unis, their inpractical. these unis would be good.

link 1

link 2

link 3

those are all good sturdy unis.

thanks, thats really cool!

Thanks for all the help everyone has helped and so on. This started as a thread on what kind of wheels i should get, and it got into what kindof unicycle i should have!

Sorry we’re kind of off topic :smiley:

But I have one more question… but there might be more :slight_smile:

What if i got the same kind of unicycle, but 24inch wheel? what if it would be 26inch? thats all, i mean, 20inch looks a little small for me, even if i am gonna do tricks and stuff… maybe i should stick to a 24inch. what do you think?

But thanks everyone soooomuch!

i got so much out of this! thanks thanks thanks!!!


how tall are you? 24" will be a lot harder to do freestyle stuff, jumping stuff, but will go slightly faster.

i think i have a 24 inch unicycle, and i am 5feet, 5inches (i just measured myself, haha)

I can do a little hopping on my 24 inch unicycle, and i don’t understand how hopping would be harder than with a 20 inch unicycle.

Im not really the show off type of person, i don’t go to any places where they have trails and stuff, i just want a nice little unicycle that you can not only ride here and there, but hop over curbs, do backward riding, uni spins, grinds, so on. i would also like to learn the 1 foot type riding, but still, if it would be so hard on a 24inch, why don’t they make 22inch!!! haha

well thanks for the info!


I thout of that a while ago.

If you want to mix distance and tricks, 24" is the size to go for. Some tricks are easier on 24" but most are either slightly or significantly harder (depending on the trick). As you said, hopping isn’t any different other than 2" of height off the ground and a little more weight (depending on the cycles).

I would get this one:
But you could get the blue one, or the non-colored one. Or a Miyata.

Yes, crown shape makes a difference for tricks. Stick with something flat. Miyata Standard is better in that respect than Miyata Deluxe. But I’d get the Nimbus.

I would go with a light Muni, maybe the Torker DX http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=765

Or the Torker LX http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=675

The DX is a lot stronger becaus it has a splined hub, but it sounds like the weaker hub would do you fine. You will save a bundle of $ if you go for the LX too.

the nimbus 2 is alot better than the LX.

To find out for sure what size your uni is look on the side of the tire. It will say something like “24X1.95”, meaning 24" wheel diameter and 1.95" wide. A wider tire is going to be more bouncy and your preasant uni can probably take up to a 2.1" wide tire.

If you have a 24" I’d get a 20":

If you have a 20: I’d get the 24" John Foss posted.

125 mm cranks are good for speed.
150 mm cranks are a little better for tricks? :thinking: