Wheel size for wheel walking

I’m just starting to learn wheel walking. I’m holding on to a ranch-style rail
fence, and scooting along. I’m holding on with both hands, which I think is bad,
but I haven’t been able to break myself of it yet. Before I spend to much time,
though, I have a question. Since I have both 20" and 24" unicycles, which one
should I learn with? The 24" model provides more room on the wheel, but my legs
are a bit cramped. I haven’t tried it with the 20" model yet, but I’m expecting
my feet to bump into each other too much, although I will have more legroom.
Which one will I learn on faster?


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Re: Wheel size for wheel walking

In re: to learning wheel walking:

  1. Use the 24" for more foot room.
  2. Raise the seat for more leg room. Of course, once you get used to it, you’ll
    only ever do it with your seat at normal height.
  3. Practice on a slight upgrade, like a driveway. Your quadriceps muscles,
    which provide your forward power, are strong while your hamstrings,
    which provide braking power, are weak. Also, your feet have a much
    better grip when pushing forward than they do when trying to slow you
    down (hence gliding).

Ride on!

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